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    Self - discipline... so very tough? 07 January 2013

    Self-discipline... the term itself seems to appear to be very rigid and tough... but, this is just an illusion. The importance of self-discipline in your life will definitely change you for a better. We generally possess these illusions as soon...

    Keywords: personality development, conscious, setbacks, setbacks

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    100 other cities worldwide., seventh billion human being, world awaits 7 billionth person, Setbacks

    World awaits 7 billionth person 27 October 2011

    On October 31 world population would touch 7 billion or 700 crore. Almost all countries are eagerly waiting for the new arrival. African Review today quoted that the child may born in India also. Africa welcomes the seventh billion human...

    Keywords: United Nations Population Fund., 7 billion 700 crore, whole world, productive labour forces

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