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  • Three things to know before waxing, Three things to know before waxing, three things to know before waxing, Summer skincare

    Three things to know before waxing 09 June 2014

    Summertime calls for sleeveless dresses, bikinis, tank tops, shorts and everything fashionable and summery. This means, smooth, hairless arms, legs and pits for women. But before you put the wax on your skin, consider these do's and don'ts to ensure...

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    Beauty news, Are you making these summer skin-care mistakes, are you making these summer skin care mistakes, Summer skincare

    Are you making these summer skin-care mistakes? 07 June 2014

    Summer days naturally translate into lounging by the poolside for long hours soaking up some sun and quaffing down  lemonades and cool drinks to beat the heat. But watch out. Too much summer sun could also mean sunburns and tan...

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    summer and skin, spring clean skin, how to spring clean your skin, Summer skincare

    How to spring-clean your skin? 10 June 2014

    Thing only your home needs a springtime scrub-down? Like your pad, even your skin and hair can benefit from spring-cleaning. Summer means rising temperature, more time out in the sun, more exposure, more tan, more sweat, and more pesky allergens....

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