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  • uses of Video games, Cataracts in eyes, video games help people with cataract, Tech news updated

    Video games help people with cataract 17 February 2012

    Playing video games could improve the vision of people born with cataracts, a new research has found. Surgery and contact lenses do not always work and people experience visual difficulties into adulthood. However, some of these effects can be reversed...

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    Google Maps, Google earth, google maps help find predator that existed before dinosaurs, Tech news updated

    Google maps help find predator that existed before dinosaurs 19 January 2012

    A fanged reptile that lived about 265 million years ago - before the age of the dinosaurs - has been dug up in southern Brazil by scientists. The skull of the predator was dug up from a farm in the...

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    Aliens earth, Aliens earth, why aliens haven t reached earth yet, Tech news updated

    Why aliens haven't reached Earth yet 01 February 2012

    According to a new study, calculations indicate that either we are alone in the galaxy, or ET is ignoring us. "We're either alone, or they're out there and leave us alone," the Discovery News quoted mathematician Thomas Hair, with Florida...

    Keywords: Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Gulf Coast University, Tech news updated, Aliens earth

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