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    For a Hassle free smile... naturally! 23 November 2012

    No more worrying about the color of your teeth... apart from taking all that extra care for white teeth, here are 5 more tips that could help you polish your teeth to white; 1. Eat Crunchy Foods. Many fruits and...

    Keywords: baking soda, color of teeth, good smile teeth, healthy food for teeth

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    natural teeth, tooth paste, white teeth naturally, Tooth paste

    White teeth, Naturally!!! 08 November 2012

    Not all teeth are naturally white, but all of us surely love white teeth. Teeth is one such thing on our face that cannot be accentuated artificially, they have to be good naturally... Here are some great home remedies for...

    Keywords: teeth whitening, vinegar, natural teeth, Strawberries

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    Healthy Food, Strong and Healthy teeth, how to get strong and healthy teeth, Tooth paste

    How to Get Strong and Healthy Teeth 27 February 2012

    Strong and healthy teeth are pertinent for the general health and well-being of one's body. It is rightly said that set of teeth defines one's health. Alternatively, all food gets transported to our system through our teeth. If our teeth...

    Keywords: Strong and Healthy teeth, tooth paste, tooth brush, Healthy Food

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