• Gade Venkata Reddy's car lifed, unknown woman, give a lift to get the car lifted, Unknown

    Give a lift to get the car lifted 22 May 2013

    Gade Venkata Reddy who is in the profession of coordinating for film shootings in the twin cities had a nice hoodwink experience yesterday that was good while it lasted.  It is the law of the nature, as Reddy thought, that...

    Keywords: car at Kothaguda junction, KBR Park to Kondapur, fetch some snacks to munch, car at Kothaguda junction

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    UPA Chariperson, 7th most powerful woman Sonia, 10 unknown interesting things about sonia gandhi, Unknown

    10 unknown interesting things about Sonia Gandhi 11 December 2011

    10 interesting things about Sonia Gandhi UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi (born Antonia Edvige Albina Maino, 1946) , 7th most powerful woman in the world, most powerful politician of India has 10 things you may not know about. See the below...

    Keywords: 7th most powerful woman Sonia, UPA Chariperson, 7th most powerful woman Sonia, 10 unknown things about Sonia

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    finance minister, rural development minister, land bill today fate unknown, Unknown

    Land bill today, Fate unknown 09 March 2015

    The government will meet opposition leaders before the land bill comes up for consideration and passage in Lok Sabha. The Centre is also working on further amendments to dilute some provisions of the ordinance. Parliamentary affairs minister Venkaiah Naidu, rural...

    Keywords: rural development minister, finance minister, Parliamentary affairs minister, finance minister

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    Wife, sleep in the kitchen, husband and wife, Unknown

    Husband and Wife 06 April 2012

    My wife always told me that if I wanted breakfast in bed, then I would have to sleep in the kitchen Husband: Do you know that John who lives next door has two girlfriends unknown to wife.Wife: Who is the...

    Keywords: sleep in the kitchen, Husband, Husband, breakfast in bed

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    Hyderabad, Telugu headlines, unknown miscreants burn college bus in hyderabad, Unknown

    Unknown miscreants burn College bus in Hyderabad 13 October 2011

    In a private incident a private engineering college bus was set to blaze in the mid night hours of Wednesday, in Hyderabad. The people and reason behind the incident are unknown. The bus believed to belong to Vidyajyothi Engineering College...

    Keywords: Telugu News, Hot topics store, Hot topics store, Hot topics store

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    India Today, India Today, unknown facts of balakrishna in india today, Unknown

    Unknown facts of Balakrishna in ‘India Today’! 11 January 2016

    Nandamuri Balakrishna is all set to release his 99th film, ‘Dictator’ for this Sankranthi and his 100th film, would go to sets in this year itself. On this special occasion, popular magazine ‘India Today’, is going to put significant issues...

    Keywords: Balakrishna in India Today, Balakrishna, Tollywood gossips, India Today

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    Jagan Mohan Reddy, Manmohan Singh, vh if gali is unknown how did sakshi get 81 cr, Unknown

    VH: If Gali is unknown, How did Sakshi get 81 Cr? 17 January 2012

    Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha member V Hanumantha Rao has wondered how Sakshi group received Rs. 81 Cr from Red-gold and RR Global. While the Chief of YSR Congress Jagan Mohan Reddy denies having known the Mining baron Gali...

    Keywords: Manmohan Singh, V Hanumantha Rao, Bro. Anil Kumar, Gali Janardhan Reddy

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    Rajinikanth, hacking, unknown person hack rajinikanth s twitter account, Unknown

    Unknown Person Hack Rajinikanth’s Twitter Account 04 August 2016

    Nowadays social media account hacking has become a trend. Whether the account belongs to a celeb or a common person, their accounts are being hacked. Now Kabali Star, Rajinikanth’s twitter account has been hacked. Fans and actors family members are...

    Keywords: Rajinikanth, twitter account, Rajinikanth, Rajinikanth

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    unknown iPhone features, Apple iPhone, get to know about your iphone, Unknown

    Get to know about your iPhone 15 December 2014

    Apple's iPhone is the most sort out smartphone, however many people use it for calling, texting and using the web services. We will bring you few unknown tricks of iPhone and they might be helpful if you are an iPhone...

    Keywords: iPhone unknown features, iPhone unknown features, iPhone tricks, iPhone unknown tricks

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    funds from unknown., democratic reforms, political parties garner more contributions than cos, Unknown

    Political parties garner more contributions than Cos 11 July 2012

    It is stunning but true that the accounts of the major political parties plummet than the normal companies. Inspite of the GDP crisis, the scams and whatnot, one sector that is undeterred by these calamities is ofcourse, politics. As a...

    Keywords: i-t returns, funds from unknown., funds from unknown., i-t returns

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    Google barges at Portland, Google barges in US waters, barges from google purpose unknown, Unknown

    Barges From Google Purpose Unknown 09 November 2013

    Google's four storey Barges with 13726 sq ft areas allowed to move in seas are found in San Francisco, Portland and Maine having sails in the shape of fish fins. But of course the sailing will be done with powerful...

    Keywords: daily telegraph, daily telegraph, Google barges at Portland, Google barges in US waters

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    Hathras incident latest, Hathras incident cops, unknown people offered 50 lakhs for hathras family to cover the truths, Unknown

    Unknown People Offered 50 Lakhs for Hathras Family to Cover the Truths 06 October 2020

    Unknown People Offered 50 Lakhs for Hathras Family to Cover the Truths:- The Hathras rape incident created a sensation across the country and it led to a huge outrage in the public. One of the 19 FIRs filed by the...

    Keywords: Hathras incident rape incident, Hathras incident cops, Hathras incident news, Hathras incident news

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    other side of Pawan Kalyan, Special News, the other side of pawan kalyan, Unknown

    The other side of Pawan Kalyan 27 May 2014

    Generally, we make our own assumptions on others whom we hardly knew. They may be good or bad but some times, our expectations will come true in certain circumstance and they even turn tables.  Our internal behavior is hardly visible...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan Janasena party, Hrudaya Foundation member Jayadev, Pawan Kalyan politics, Pawan Kalyan virtues

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    Muslim woman, Bengaluru, muslim woman molested by unknown person in bengaluru, Unknown

    Muslim Woman Molested by Unknown Person in Bengaluru 07 January 2017

    The Bengaluru mass molestation and the assault of the northeastern girl on New Year's Eve have shocked everyone. And after a week another incident of molestation has come up. A young woman wearing a burqa was molested by an unknown...

    Keywords: Bengaluru, Bengaluru, Assault, molested

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    Michael Jackson weird facts, Michael Jackson weird facts, 8 weird facts of michael jackson, Unknown

    8 weird facts of Michael Jackson 15 September 2015

    However, fans and followers of a person, they might not know everything about their stars. Here are a few such things of the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson, where the millions of followers and fans would love to know. 1....

    Keywords: Michael Jackson weird facts, Michael Jackson unknown facts, Michael Jackson weird facts, Michael Jackson weird facts

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    asaduddin owaisi arrest, driver krishnaiah burn, midnight terror attack creates tension in city, Unknown

    Midnight terror attack creates tension in city! 22 January 2013

    Midnight attack on an APSRTC bus in Hyderabad, by some unidentified miscreants raises panic in the city. The Midhani depot bus (AP 21 Y 9639) traveling from MGBS to  Emmiganur was on its regular last trip on Monday (January 21)....

    Keywords: bus attack, unknown persons attack apsrtc, Midnight terror attack creates tension in city, unknown persons escaped

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    Brad Pitt attacked by unknown, Maleficent, brad pitt attacked by unknown, Unknown

    Brad Pitt attacked by unknown 29 May 2014

    Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was attacked by an unidentified man on the red carpet at the premiere of the movie "Maleficent." Brad was signing autographs to fans and all of sudden a man from the crowd attacked him. The man...

    Keywords: Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent premiere, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, Maleficent premiere

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    India culture, Indian Tourism, lord of seven hills gets more gold from unknown devotee, Unknown

    Lord of seven hills gets more gold from unknown devotee! 12 October 2012

    Lord Venkateswara is the most sought after God by ardent Hindus across the nation. Probably he must be the richest God, with his wealth multiplying on a day-to-day basis. Recently an unknown devotee has donated the idols of the lord...

    Keywords: incredible India, tourism in India, India culture, incredible India

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    Defunct Satellites hurl back, UARS, two defunct satellites racing towards earth destination unknown, Unknown

    Two defunct satellites racing towards earth, destination unknown 24 September 2011

    Our earth is going to experience unexpected heavy visitors in the next six weeks. The first satellite weighing approximately six tons, but now shred a lot of weight is expected in this month and any moment from now. And another...

    Keywords: ROSAT, ROSAT, NASA., NASA.

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