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  • Playing video games linked to troubling memories, how to reduce stress, video games can ease troubling memories finds study, Video games

    Video games can ease troubling memories, finds study 04 July 2015

    If you are depressed or suffering from troubling memories, scientists suggest playing video games to get ease from that stress. To prove this, the researchers conducted two experiments. They examined the participants by allowing them to view films that contained...

    Keywords: tips to overcome stress, tips to overcome stress, how to reduce stress, Video games can help reduce unwanted memories

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    games, women lifestyle, are you being a right parent, Video games

    Are you being a right parent? 19 March 2013

    Is your kid is either busy on computer or studying because there is no other option to avoid or playing video games??? Is this the only life style or daily routine of your kids? Then there is reasons to worry…...

    Keywords: parenting, parents, tips for children, parenting

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    Sci tech news updated, uses of Video games, video games help people with cataract, Video games

    Video games help people with cataract 17 February 2012

    Playing video games could improve the vision of people born with cataracts, a new research has found. Surgery and contact lenses do not always work and people experience visual difficulties into adulthood. However, some of these effects can be reversed...

    Keywords: Cataracts in eyes, uses of Video games, Cataracts in eyes, Video games

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