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  • weird videos, World records, attempts to break weird world records, Weird videos

    Attempts to break weird world records 17 May 2016

    How would it be, if a young guy, doing some weird things on the public roads like walking, wearing the women high heels, pretending to be the world’s fastest tortoise and many such things. While the person claiming to create...

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    Naked man asks women's phone numbers, Man experiments to get women, naked man asks women for number succeeds, Weird videos

    Naked man asks women for number, succeeds 02 October 2013

    There is a naked man running around on the streets, asking women for their phone numbers. That's not the most shocking part. Amusingly, some women actually gave him their numbers. This man, calling himself Freddie Fairhair, has long hair and...

    Keywords: Weird news, Naked guy picks up girls on the streets, Crazy videos, Crazy news

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    viral videos, lazy girls, weird things lazy girls do, Weird videos

    Weird things lazy girls do! 05 May 2016

    Laziness is comfort those who perform it, and irritation, those who fall prey for it. Here are the few weird things, lazy girls do, which appears funny to you. If you are lazy too, you can relate to the things...

    Keywords: viral videos, viral videos, weird videos, viral videos

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    Amin Hafeez latest, Amin Hafeez recent interview, pakistani journalist s interview with buffalo trending all over, Weird videos

    Pakistani Journalist's Interview with Buffalo trending all over 22 July 2021

    Pakistani Journalist's Interview with Buffalo trending all over:- A Pakistani journalist created a sensation and his recent interview with a buffalo kept trending all over. Known for his unusual interviews, Amin Hafeez happened to interview a buffalo on the occasion...

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    Transgender, viral videos, india s first transgender band, Weird videos

    India’s first transgender band 07 January 2016

    It seems, 2015 was a breath of fresh air for transgenders across the country.  A transgender was appointed as the principal in a college in Kolkatta. Even a transgender became the first to receive Rajyotsava award from the government of...

    Keywords: weird videos, weird videos, weird videos, Transgender band

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    Man jumps off the ambulance latest, Weird videos, viral video man jumps off the ambulance and runs away, Weird videos

    Viral Video: Man Jumps Off the Ambulance and Runs Away 29 July 2021

    Viral Video: Man Jumps Off the Ambulance and Runs Away:- A viral video left many in deep surprise in which a man has been spotted jumping off the ambulance from the stretcher and ran away to avoid the medical assistance....

    Keywords: Man jumps off the ambulance, Viral videos, Man jumps off the ambulance updates, Man jumps off the ambulance updates

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    weird videos, trending videos, man squeezes out goat from python s stomach, Weird videos

    Man squeezes out goat from Python’s stomach 25 January 2016

    No layman generally dares to pass by a way, when he was suspicious of any snakes over there. But here is a daring person or to say a true Human being from Kerala, who noticed a big python on the...

    Keywords: Python stomach goat, Python stomach goat, trending videos, weird videos

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    weird videos, Parachute fails, omg parachute failed, Weird videos

    OMG, Parachute failed! 23 April 2016

    Flying is something which scares, but equally gives immense of joy. Who does not want to experience it, when given a chance?But when you really get that chance, make sure that, you are completely in safe hands, and would return...

    Keywords: viral videos, weird videos, Parachute fails, weird videos

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