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  • skin care products, Skin in Winter, treat your skin to sugar and oil, Winter care

    Treat your skin to sugar and oil 06 January 2014

    This winter, give your skin something extra! Stash away all jars and tubes of store-bought face packs and pamper your skin to the goodness of sugar and oil. As simple as they may sound, both sugar and olive oil are...

    Keywords: diy mask, Beauty Care, Winter Season, Winter Season

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    Dead Skin Cells, Dead Skin Cells, how to exfoliate skin in winter, Winter care

    How to exfoliate skin in winter 19 December 2013

    With the winter season is upon us, it is important to  change your skincare regime to suit the season. Dermatologist Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra says, “Dry skin looks dull because it is caused by dead skin cells, and both need to...

    Keywords: tips for skin care, Dermatologist Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra, Dermatologist Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra, Beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain

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    tips health in winter, tips health in winter, go by your instinct, Winter care

    Go by your instinct! 25 November 2011

    Yes, that too when planning a winter care regime for a radiant skin, even in this tooth breaking season. Don’t go by any commercials that highlight a beauty product, just think analyze and go by your instinct. And it is...

    Keywords: winter care tips kids, beautiful winter dress, winter care tips kids, winter care planing

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    Pop a pill to stay beautiful, winter care, pop a pill to stay beautiful, Winter care

    Pop a pill to stay beautiful 20 November 2013

    Bid adieu to dry, cracked, irritated winter skin with the first-of-its kind of beauty pill that promises to keep fine lines and rough skin at bay! Yes, you heard that right. The beauty supplement apparently comes loaded with micro-nutrients that...

    Keywords: winter care, winter care, beauty pill, beauty pill

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    Tips for Beautiful Skin, Honey For Soft Skin, the beautiful wonders of honey, Winter care

    The beautiful wonders of honey 27 December 2013

    One of the best beauty products to come out of  nature's basket - honey is wonder cure for all skin woes. Besides being a natural cleanser, honey is known to exfoliate skin and leave one with a radiant, glowing complexion....

    Keywords: beauty, best beauty products, winter care, exfoliate skin

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