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  • children, kids, are you being right with your kid, Women housewife

    Are you being right with your kid? 23 January 2013

    The joy of parenting is also most important to the humankind... we strive to enhance the love and relationship with our partner. But what about our kids who are form of the love and affection of You and Your partner???...

    Keywords: women housewife, tips for parents, women housewife, women housewife

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    multitasking women, marriage, women s role in multitasking, Women housewife

    women's role in multitasking... 03 December 2012

    'Multitasking and women go hand in hand... women are best at multitasking'... these are known and heard by us... but, are really women best at multitasking? Can we women multitask? Really? The concept of multitasking and women being connected with...

    Keywords: women children, personal relations, romance, pregnancy

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