Things you are doing to damage your hair

August 01, 2015 18:38
Things you are doing to damage your hair

Our everyday habits can cause lot of harm to hair. But we fail to notice the negative impact caused by them. Here are few often do things that damage hair.

Straightner use:

Usually straightened hair will make us look trendy and stylish. So with the availability of straightners in our home we put them directly on hair. But this causes more damage than you can imagine it makes the mane dry, rough and frizzy.

Wet hair brushing:

It is advised not to comb when your hair is wet as it may cause hairfall. Although it is easy to remove tangles on wet hair, experts advise not to brush hair when wet.

Towel drying:

We usually dry our hair with the towel that we use on a regular basis. The fabric agitates the cuticles in the hair which leads to friction, ultimately resulting in hair fall. Choose towels that have soft textures. It's best to use fingers to dry the hair.

Avoid regular shampooing:

Using shampoo everyday will make your hair dry. The chemicals in it may also lead to hairfall. So, if you want to bath your hair, it is advised to wash it with water than using shampoo regularly.

Poor eating habits:

To maintain glossy texture of your hair, include vitamin rich diet without fail. Do remember to take vitamin A, C and E to have healthy hair.

By Lizitha

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