10 Wedding Planning Tips

July 05, 2016 15:13
10 Wedding Planning Tips

Are you getting married? Confused how to plan for your D-Day? Then here are some tips you can follow to plan for your wedding...

1. Save The Date

Wedding Planning Tips
Congratulations! You have got engaged. Now, what? If your wedding is after a year or next month, planning is important. First, pick the date when you want to get married. Having a date in mind will keep you on track and help you plan accordingly.

2. Make a Check List

Wedding Planning Tips
The wedding is the most important event of everyone's life. You would surely not like to miss anything out. So make a checklist of what all you want for your wedding. It can either be your guest, catering or anything.

3. Choose a Beautiful wedding card

Wedding Planning Tips
Once you have your checklist ready, then shop for the best invitation card with your fiance. After getting them printed, send the invitations ASAP.

4. Decide on Budget

Wedding Planning Tips
The wedding is the event which is pricey. So, one has to carefully decide on the budget and keep a track on the expenses. Don’t make unnecessary expenses.

5. Decide on Venue

Wedding Planning Tips
Every person has a dream for his or her wedding. After finalising the budget, you have to book the venue in advance so that you can get the venue you want.

6. Hire Event Organizers

Wedding Planning Tips
The wedding is a big thing and if you can't plan everything then it’s best to hire event organisers who will set everything up for you as you want. Choose event organisers by keeping your budget in mind.

7. Decide on catering

Wedding Planning Tips
Once you have hired a professional event organiser, you can tell him what kind of food you want in your wedding, reception and other events. Also, make sure you book your wedding cake in advance.

8. What Should I wear?

Wedding Planning Tips
This is a big question which every bride and groom have in his or her mind. Decide on your wedding dress beforehand so that you don’t end up shopping on your D-Day. Based on your traditions you and your partner can decide on the dress.

9. Hire a Photographer

Wedding Planning Tips
Photo’s, video’s and Selfies are the most important part of the wedding nowadays. Capturing your most memorable day is very important. So, hire a professional photographer who makes you look the best!

10. Plan your Reception

Wedding Planning Tips
The wedding is over! Now, what? After all the rituals the bride and groom definitely want’s some fun and relaxation. Planning of reception is bit stressful so always have a theme in mind. Decide on your guest list bad events you would like in your reception.

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By M. Divya Shri

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