How Emotions can impact Relationships?

April 30, 2024 12:54
How Emotions can impact Relationships?

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How Emotions can impact Relationships?:- In a relationship, the way we present ourselves, behave, and are ourselves is greatly influenced by the emotions we experience. “Developing emotional awareness can help us understand how our emotions influence our attitudes and interactions, and help us make conscious decisions about our words, actions, and actions. This allows us to move away from reacting and towards reacting,” writes therapist Lucille Shackleton.

Communication is influenced by the emotions we feel. The way we express ourselves, the words we use, and the tone we speak are directly influenced by our emotions. Emotions also influence our perspective. We become aware of the world and what is happening around us through the emotions we experience. Strong emotions can interfere with conflict management skills. Instead of addressing the conflict, we may choose to make it worse. Our emotions guide our decisions. The decisions we make are influenced by the emotions we feel about the matter at hand. The emotions we feel also influence our performance towards ourselves, our partners, and our relationships. Therefore, priorities and self-awareness are key.

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