Know The Disadvantages of Love Marriages

August 23, 2023 23:30
Know The Disadvantages of Love Marriages

Know The Disadvantages of Love Marriages:- Love Marriages seem perfect and happy as the wedding happens with the couple's own personal choice and the couple will even have emotional compatibility, so it avoids most of the challenges. But look at the disadvantages of love marriages.

Clash of Societal Norms: As in love marriage both are from different traditions and societies. These small norms can lead to family tensions, social isolation and even rough relationships between the couple's families. Love marriage will always have less support from families as the couple will be the sole power of decision-making.

Get ready for Unrealistic expectations: Starting from communication style to lifestyle preferences, a love married couple needs to overlook everything. Initial romantic life might help to develop this unrealistic compatibility, but throughout the marriage, this problem might turn high.

Priority Issues: This is the most complicated issue that needs to be faced. Couples need to prioritize emotional connection. Here mostly finances and career aspirations will create conflict between the partners. Career and money will be the main issue. As the marriage is entirely a solo decision of the couple, money and career will also be crucial as they can't expect support from both sides of families.

Open communication, mutual understanding and willingness can only save the love marriages.

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