Why do Couples head for a Split?

July 19, 2022 20:49
Why do Couples head for a Split?

Why do Couples head for a Split?:- Divorces, breakups or parting ways are common these days. The number of healthy relationships are coming down. Lakhs of couples are not happy after marriage and there would be a saturation point after which they head for a divorce or breakup. Understanding is most important to survive in a marriage more than love. Respect and honesty are the other keys. It all starts after the couple starts to hide their feelings from each other which leads to an emotional disbalance. Lack of communication is one more biggest problems for the couples in this modern world. There are several possible reasons for the breakups:

Financial strains, poor communication, lack of emotional and physical intimacy, jealousy, selfish feelings, commitment-related issues, compatibility issues, lack of support, and blaming each other are some of the possible reasons that make the couple think of a breakup. Despite huge differences, there are couples that decide to stay together. Children and society will stop them from parting ways. Most of the married couples think about the future of their kids and how the society would respond. The separation or divorce will have a huge impact on the kids and their future told a study. There would be confusion, anger, helplessness and sadness.

Some of them are not ready to stay single or alone because of which they stay with their partner instead of breaking up. When there is a mental and financial stability in marriage, the couple would stay together and they are not bothered about the issues.

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