Suppressing Anger is harmful to Relationships, tells Study

May 02, 2022 19:37
Suppressing Anger is harmful to Relationships, tells Study

Suppressing Anger is harmful to Relationships, tells Study:- Romantic relations are heading for breakups faster than in the past. It takes a long time to build a bond but it takes quite a short time to break the relationship. There would be several misunderstandings even after the partners being loyal to each other. This would bring a crack to the romance. Some of the arguments should be controlled or avoided to prevent a dent in the relationship. A research done by Florida State University (FCU) of America revealed tips about saving a spoiled relationship:

Jim McNulty, Professor of Psychology at FCU told that if the lovers did not express their displeasure, the grudge grows on and the love continues to decrease. The couple who kept their anger suppressed in marriage will die early as per the study that was conducted on 200 couples for 17 years. It is better to fight and learn than to hide the issues and increase the hatred told several experts. It is really hard to hold your tongue and people would regret later on. Talk about your thoughts with your partner so that you can reduce the pressure. This will make you free from stress and distractions.

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