Activists slam godman Asaram Bapu

January 08, 2013 10:17
Activists slam godman Asaram Bapu

Asaram Bapu was in the news since yesterday with his comments which were perceived with misogynist and sexist tags to them. Asaram Bapu expressed that had the girl called them brothers and pleaded them, she would have survived the mishap. However, activists took the comments negatively and lashed out at the godman for making such poorly thought out comments that allegedly promoted "rapes".

He entered fresh controversies by making comments on the new anti-rape, which is likely to be approved. He instigated a fresh wave of controversy sparking a rage in the activists when he said that any anti-rape laws that are introduced in such times would go waste just as the anti-dowry laws and SC and ST Act were misused.

Several activists objected to his statements while saying that he should be accountable for his statements. A few others said that his anti-men statements were wrong. Another Ranjana Kumari said that his statements were ridiculous and encouraged the rapists. "It is these people who are responsible in society for creating misogynist values," she added calling for castigating such leaders.

"Asaram Bapu is scared of women who were asserting themselves", Vrinda Grover activist lawyer said.

"The Delhi rape case has become an occasion for whosoever to say whatever they feel like. A rapist is not going to go into the niceties of the act. Nor by calling him brother will stop him in the act.

Somewhere deep down there's a moral, ethical and social decay in our society. We need to re-think our moral structures and values if we want to get over this", a social worker Imtiaz said.

What we need to slam is the mentality of the people and the society to arrest rapes. Pointing out at Asaram Bapu or anyone else is not going to do anything good. If the same hatred and anger is directed towards every rapist and criminal, there could be a drastic reduction in the number of rapes and crimes in the nation. No rapist or criminal would make it into the political ranks.

(AW- Anil)

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