American couples with the nine who got married nude in Jamaica on Valentine's Day

February 16, 2012 19:04
American couples with the nine who got married nude in Jamaica on Valentine's Day

In Jamaica on Valentines day some of the nine courageous couples had their wedding day in different style as they exchanged oaths in the naked state.

With a few orchid garlands to remain unseen their shyness, the ladies who are naked as they walked down towards the white sand beach and said 'I do' on Valentine's Day.

Theres one resort named as Hedonism II, as they welcomed these ten couples for all the cost paid and for the group celebration.Earlier to this celebration theres one couple who backed out, and that was filmed for a documentary.

So from a bundle of 100 applications these fortunate couples were preferred from among choices in asking innumerable questions as why they want to begin their life in the nude.

Theres one couple who said that, "As we both love each other and why dont we beging our life in naked?

'We both love doing wild and crazy things!' read another obvious rationale on the list. 

'It would be a memory we could enjoy in our golden years,' wrote two of the newlyweds.

In addition to the complimentary ceremony, winning couples were treated to a bachelor/bachelorette party and four-night stay at the resort, which sits on 22 acres of Negril's seven-mile beach.  

Getting married in the buff on Valentine's Day meant living out a fantasy for Milly Salas, a stay-at-home mom from Bergen County, New Jersey, who had never visited a nudist resort before.

'It was beautiful. It was like a fairy tale,' the 39-year-old Salas said shortly after the nude nuptials at Hedonism II, a resort for the pleasure-seeking crowd in Negril, a western tourist town in this largely conservative, tourism-dependent island.

The promise of a Valentine's Day wedding and complimentary four-night stay attracted over 100 engaged couples from the U.S. and Canada, but only 10 were chosen as part of a nude wedding contest, according to Zein Issa-Nakash, a marketing vice president of Superclubs, which owns Hedonism. One couple dropped out before the big day, which was filmed by a documentary TV crew.

Kevin Young, of Land O' Lakes, Florida, said walking around au naturale is what he's used to since he lives in a nudist community. Getting married without clothes was a no-brainer for Young and his new wife, Shannon Witherspoon. Even body paint was too much for him, he said.

'It was easy for us cause we're used to it. But some of these other people had never been naked before outside their bedroom. I got to give them kudos, cause they really stepped up and did the full monte thing and got naked,' Young said during a phone call from Negril.

The Tuesday ceremony was the first nude wedding event at the Jamaican resort since 2003, according to Issa-Nakash. She said there were no angry protests of the event by pastors and others as there were about a decade ago when the resort first hosted group weddings in the buff.

Portia Simpson Miller's who is the Prime Minister for Jamaica was speechless relating to the continuation of nude weddings which was happened at Hedonism resort on Valentine's day.At the time of the disputes regarding the nude weddings in the year of 2001, Jamaica's Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and Jamaica's tourism minister said that getting married nude was really so strange and how come Jamaica should be marketed.

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