From Rodeos to waterfalls, Canada to Japan

July 15, 2013 18:56
From Rodeos to waterfalls, Canada to Japan

This is what happened around the world in the past few hours. Presented below are some of the most interesting pictures taken by various photographers from across the globe and compiled by a team at The Guardian. The day, a Monday, is seemingly a dull one until one catches a glimpse into the lives of others. There is a lot happening in the blink of an eye. Here, some of those moments are caught for eternity, never to be forgotten. The above picture from Rex Features shows children outside a mosque in Gaza city.


Posted in Reuters, the photo depicts the 101st Calgary Stampede rodeo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A man's world is seemingly upside down as he is thrown off the bull he was riding.


Above, a woman in the village of Galicnik, Macedonia observes one of her wedding rituals. She has to look at her would-be through a ring as part of the traditional wedding ceremony.


Also presented in Reuters, this picture is both informative and frightening. The wars that men fight do not add much positivity to the world. But the wars rage on anyway, a grim reminder of reality in our cocooned world. Congolese government soldiers are seen here riding to their destination that will result in blood loss.


Speaking of cocooned lives, a baby orangutan enjoys a warm bath provided by its caretaker at the Orangutan Care Centre in Borneo, Indonesia. This particular baby is among 330 orphans that have strong bonds with their care takers due to their proximity. Solent news covered the picture.


This is what getting fleeced is all about, although in a funny way. A man somewhere in China tries to hold a goat to shear.


In Japan, a little boy runs through an artificial waterfall, oblivious to the world. As told by EPA, temperatures in Tokyo rose close to 35 degrees Celsius after the rains stopped.

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