The Best of All Months Karthika Starts Today

November 04, 2013 13:24
The Best of All Months Karthika Starts Today

The eighth month of Hindu calendar "Karthika" is very auspicious to Hindus. Sun enters Scorpio today the first day of the month "Karthika". During the month Monday is a special day for Vishnu and also Shiva followers. This time, Karthika started with Monday.  All Shiva temples are crowded with the devotees and filled with Shiva’s name reverberating in the temple surroundings.

It is believed that the Devas are ready to receive the deeds of worship of the devotees during the month. Because of this belief Hindus observe fast, perform pooja regularly during the month.  Bathing at the early hours is observed in spite of the cold weather.

As per Skanda Purana, Lord Brahma tells sage Narada that out of all months Karthika is the best.  The spiritual practices to be followed are, Japa- chanting of the name of God, Pooja- worshipping God with flowers and lighting ghee lamps, Brahmacharya- practicing of celebasy, Tulasi/Devi pooja- worshipping the Tulasi or Devi who are Deveries of Lord Vishnu, Dana- giving charity, Anushtana- regular pooja observing austerities.

The month is auspicious to the devotees of Vishnu and also Shiva, male and female devotees.  All Mondays in the month of Karthik are Lord Shiva’s days on which day Shiva is believed to be engaged in giving away boons to his devotees.  On the day of full moon in Karthika, oil lamps are left in the waters like Rivers or ponds by women folk in the evening which is called Kartika Deepam.  Today also being Karthik Padyami (first day of the month), oil lamps (divas) are left in the nearest water source by the women at early hours.

The month Karthika is deemed to be the best for taking a Mantra or spiritual practices from a Guru.  Even Ayurveda says that a medicine for long ailments should be started in Karthika for better results.

News received from Hyderabad, Srisailam, Guntur, Rajahmundry and Coastal Andhra of devotees thronging the Siva temples.


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