Rolex Watch gets a transformation after retrieved from Ocean Bed

February 16, 2024 13:26
Rolex Watch gets a transformation after retrieved from Ocean Bed

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Beneath the vast expanse of the oceans lies a remarkable assortment of lost objects, extending far beyond the realm of marine life. These sunken treasures encompass sunken cities, shipwrecks, enigmatic artifacts, and even everyday items. They serve as a window into our human history, revealing our impact on the planet and the unfortunate accidents that have occurred. One such discovery occurred last summer when Australian surfer Matt Cuddihy stumbled upon a Rolex watch at the ocean's depths. Sharing his extraordinary find on Instagram, he unveiled a Submariner Rolex watch found off the coast of Queensland. Despite the watch's extensive damage from its prolonged submersion, including rust, corrosion, frosted glass, and a jammed crown, the second hand continued its steady march. Undeterred, Matt resolved to locate its rightful owner, leading to the watch's restoration and eventual return. As the timepiece safely reached the shore with Matt, he noticed an inscription on its back, providing a clue to the individual who once proudly wore it on their wrist.

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Traction gained both online and in the media led to Ric Outrim being contacted and identified as the owner of the Rolex watch. What's even more remarkable is that Rolex, upon learning of the incident, decided to assist Ric in restoring his watch to its original state. The user who shared the news expressed their amazement with the caption, "The internet's power is incredible. After sifting through numerous messages, we finally found the rightful owner of this watch. It spent 5 years at the bottom, but for 48 years, it belonged to a local adventurer. I'm thrilled to return it to its rightful place." With the assistance of Fratello Watches, the watch was successfully restored, much to Ric's delight. He revealed that he had been wearing it for almost 50 years since he received it at the age of 18. In an interview with Ladbible, Ric expressed his gratitude, stating, "I want to extend my thanks to the watchmaker because it's evident how much love and effort was put into this project. We even had lunch together with the Rolex team in Brisbane."

Expressing his immense gratitude, he shared that the return of the watch was a profound moment for him. The fact that Rolex was able to make this happen was beyond his expectations. It was an extraordinary experience that he could hardly believe, and the emotions he felt were overwhelming. He expressed his desire to maintain a lifelong friendship with Matt, recognizing him as a person of exceptional character.

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