Japanese man who transformed into a Dog fails Agility Test

December 06, 2023 22:59
Japanese man who transformed into a Dog fails Agility Test

(Image source from: Instagram.com/toco.ev)

Japanese man who transformed into a Dog fails Agility Test:- A Japanese man recently made headlines for his extravagant purchase of a lifelike collie costume, spending approximately $14,000 (Rs 11.67 lakh) in pursuit of his dream to "transform into a canine." This peculiar individual, known as Toco, opted to remain anonymous but has become a recognizable figure due to his unconventional pursuits. Toco has now once again grabbed the attention of the online community by taking on a Crufts-style agility course. Through his YouTube channel, aptly named "I Want To Be An Animal," Toco regularly shares videos showcasing his dog-like activities such as going for walks, consuming dog food, and mastering new tricks. In his latest escapade, Toco attempts to conquer a series of hurdles in a garden setting.

On Instagram, Toco shares a sequence of images depicting his collie costume, along with a rather unfortunate outcome in the agility test. In his caption, he lightheartedly remarks, "When you become a dog, it's only natural to try your paw at agility, isn't it?" The post has elicited various reactions from users of the popular photo and video-sharing app.

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However, there was another individual who acknowledged the person as a Therian, despite any reservations they may have had. Additionally, someone else urged Therians to improve their efforts, recognizing the person's dedication to their Therian identity. It is worth noting that the Urban Dictionary defines a Therian as someone who identifies as a non-human earthbound animal, either spiritually or psychologically. Another Instagram user expressed admiration for the person's efforts, emphasizing that their attempt was what truly mattered. Lastly, another user playfully remarked on the person's bravery and found their "crash land" photos to be incredibly endearing.

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