Brain health requires 'Good night's sleep'

January 03, 2014 17:57
Brain health requires 'Good night's sleep'

Sleep deprivation not only affects your appearance but also your brain health. Researchers have revealed that one night of sleep deprivation causes an increase in molecules NSE and S-100B in blood concentrations the next morning, in young healthy men. NSE and S-100B molecules are found in human brain and an increase in these molecules in blood following sleep depravity may suggest that lack of sleep can lead to loss of brain tissue. The findings of this research have been published in SLEEP journal.

Fifteen normal-weight men were studied during the research. The men were made to go through a condition of sleep-deprivation on one night, and in another other condition they were made to sleep for 8 hours approximately.

Christian Benedict, sleep researcher at the Department of Neuroscience, Uppsala University, leading the study team, stated that when the men were totally sleep-deprived the next morning revealed a rise in NSE and S-100B molecules in blood concentrations. Benedict revealed that these molecules increase in blood concentration in brain damage conditions, meaning that when there is a lack of sleep it may lead to a neurodegenerative process.

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