Adopt fibre-rich diet to prevent asthma

January 06, 2014 17:42
Adopt fibre-rich diet to prevent asthma

You can protect yourself against allergic asthma by eating a fiber-rich diet, as it initiates changes in your immune system, revealed a new health study. The research, reported in New Scientist, was conducted by Benjamin Marsland, from Switzerland's University Hospital of Lausanne, and his colleagues.

The research team in their report revealed that the amount of dietary fibre, available in vegetables and fruits, consumed influences microbes balance in the gut in a manner that can make airways more prone or less prone to inflammation which has been seen in airways inflicted by allergic diseases. The scientists studied the relation of fibre in diet with the immune system and inflammation in mice. Researchers found that mice who had been exposed to house dust mites, and fed less fibre in their diet, their airways had more asthmatic inflammation, compared to the mice who had been fed a standard diet with fibres.

Another finding of the study was that mice showed fewer immune cells when fed with fibre supplements over the standard diet. However, the immune cells showed reduction only when the supplement fermented easily in the gut. The findings of this research was published in Nature Medicine Journal.

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