70-minute cardiac arrest can leave your Brain dead

March 07, 2022 17:14
70-minute cardiac arrest can leave your Brain dead

70-minute cardiac arrest can leave your Brain dead:- Cardiac arrest does not happen with age and keeping your heart healthy is the biggest challenge. A sudden loss of the heart function is called cardiac arrest. The heart stops working and loss of consciousness is the key symptom. A prompt medical care is needed at this time to regain the heart's functioning. Recent reports said several healthy individuals were declared brain dead after suffering from a 70-minute long cardiac arrest. After suffering from a 70-minute long cardiac arrest, a healthy individual was declared brain dead before the doctors got his heart beating again. The doctors predict that this person may never be able to return back from his coma. The patient is fed and breathed through machines currently.

The doctors confirmed that the patient suffered a brain injury after which he was declared as brain dead. At first, the doctors found that he lost his ability to walk. He soon started to walk and started talking. Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops pumping of the blood to various parts of the body. The patient collapses after a cardiac arrest and turns unconscious. An urgent medical attention is needed after a cardiac arrest. Always perform a CPR which can improve the condition instead of waiting for an ambulance. Here are the steps for CPR:

Try chest compression which tries to pump the heart from outside so that the blood keeps flowing. One can perform mouth-to-mouth to inflate the lungs and rescue breathing. Here are the top causes of cardiac arrest:

- Abnormal heart rhythm
- Heart attack
- Valvular heart attack
- Coronary artery disease
- Cardiomyopathy
- Congenital heart disease

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