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  • ATC, Gulf Air Flight, scorpion in plane stings man, Air traffic control

    Scorpion in plane stings man 03 July 2012

    In a bizzarre incident, a scorpion delayed an international bound Gulf Air flight from Chennai for about 30 minutes. A person hailing from Andhra Pradesh didn't notice a scorpion trapped in his pocket until it came out and stung him...

    Keywords: ATC, airline crew, ATC, scorpion stung

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    Search expands to Indian ocean for missing aircraft, malaysian airlines goes missing, search expands to indian ocean for missing aircraft, Air traffic control

    Search expands to Indian ocean for missing aircraft 14 March 2014

    The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines has expanded towards Indian Ocean on Friday as the US authorities have reported that the Boeing 777 sent automated electronic messages to satellites several hours after it disappeared from civilian radar last Saturday....

    Keywords: malaysian airlines goes missing, Malaysian Airlines, Top stories, Beijing

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    Malaysian Airlines, Kuala Lumpur, malaysian airlines flight goes missing, Air traffic control

    Malaysian Airlines flight goes missing! 08 March 2014

    A passenger Malaysia Airlines flight [MH 370] carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing lost contact with air traffic controllers early on Saturday. The Boeing flight  777-200 departed Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 12:21 AM [16:21...

    Keywords: malaysian airlines goes missing, MH 370, Kuala Lumpur, MH 370

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    Radar equipment, ill firefighting equipment, indian business capital unsafe for landing fire equip concern, Air traffic control

    Indian business capital unsafe for landing? Fire-equip concern 06 December 2011

    Over 700 flights take-offs and land at the Mumbai airport every day. The business capital of the country is under a serious threat for improper infrastructure at the nerve centre of the Mumbai Airport, The Mumbai Air Traffic Control (ATC)....

    Keywords: ill firefighting equipment, ill firefighting equipment, ill firefighting equipment, Radar equipment

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    Face-to-face, Spicejet Flight, indigo and spicejet flight come face to face delhi airport closed, Air traffic control

    IndiGo and SpiceJet Flight Come Face-to-Face, Delhi Airport Closed 27 December 2016

    A very major accident was prevented at the Delhi airport this morning as an IndiGo and a SpiceJet aircraft came face-to-face on the runway, allegedly because of "mis-communication". The IndiGo flight had just arrived at Delhi airport from Lucknow. their...

    Keywords: Face-to-face, IndiGo Flight, IndiGo Flight, Spicejet Flight

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