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  • Pigeon with arms, Salaya Essar jetty in Gujarat, mysterious pigeon was seen with a chip and arabic script, Arabic script

    Mysterious Pigeon was seen with a chip and Arabic script 28 March 2015

    A pigeon carrying suspicious electronic chip and a ring with code was seen by a guard in Gujarat near Indo-Pak border. The incident, apparently linked to terrorist or anti-social activists, troubled the police, forest, coast guard, and intelligence departments.After catching...

    Keywords: Mysterious pigeon in Gujarat, Salaya Essar jetty in Gujarat, 28733 on pigeon ring, Benjing Dual in Gujarat

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    arabic script, china's fujian province, lamentable instance exposed, Arabic script

    Lamentable Instance Exposed! 25 June 2013

    In a compassionate act of animal kindness, a wandering dog steps in where no human would and buries a dead puppy by the side of a road. Onlookers watched in an overwhelming feeling as the half-breed circled and smelled the...

    Keywords: lamentable instance exposed, arabic script, arabic script, animal kingdom.

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