Lamentable Instance Exposed!

June 25, 2013 19:05
Lamentable Instance Exposed!

In a compassionate act of animal kindness, a wandering dog steps in where no human would and buries a dead puppy by the side of a road. Onlookers watched in an overwhelming feeling as the half-breed circled and smelled the lifeless pup after finding it in a ditch where it had been left to rot in the midday sun.


On the contrary rather than leave it to scavengers, who would inevitably have torn it limb from limb, she spent more than three minutes gently raking sand over the corpse with her nozzle with extraordinary care. Yet there were no tedious speech, ceremony or quiet reflection at this without preparation canine burial service without even a bark. Once she is happy that the puppy's body is entirely covered, the black-and-white dog simply turns around and walks silently away.


It was an extraordinary act of respect rarely seen in the animal kingdom and is undoubtedly dissolve hearts across the world. It is unclear whether she was a grieving mother burying one of her litter or just a passing stranger with a caring heart. Nor is it clear where the moving scene, captured on a bystander's mobile phone, was filmed yet Arabic script on it's YouTube page suggests it may have been made in the Middle East or the Persian Gulf.




On the other hand it reflects pictures taken in December of a dog in China standing guard over his dead mate in a busy road where she was mown down by a speeding car. Those heartbreaking pictures, taken in Zhangzhou, in China's Fujian Province, show the animal gently pushing the female dog subsequent to the hit  by a car that killed her.




Afterward he fails to wake her, the male refuses to leave and remained within feet of his mate for six hours. The male was found to be repeatedly licking the face of dead dog as well as keeping a watchful eye on her as he prevaricated the oncoming traffic. On the contrary he never became distracted beyond a short distance from her side. Finally, when he got tired the dog lay down next to her as he kept up his wakefulness for hours.

It's indeed a pitiful act of animal kindness that rare to see!

Image Source: Google search

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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