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  • Trivikram Charan film, Attarintiki Daredi movie, trivikram s hesitation may cost him, Director trivikram

    Trivikram's hesitation may cost him 03 October 2013

    Director Trivikram Srinivas is elated over the continuing success of Attarintiki Daredi. Fans have showered him with superlative praises for the movie, particularly his dialogues, screenplay and direction. There is another side to the coin too. Critics have managed to...

    Keywords: Trivikram Pawan Kobali, Powerstar, Pawan Kalyan, Attarintiki Daredi movie

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    Attarintiki Daredi Samantha Gallery, Attarintiki Daredi audio release function, trivikram bares his heart at attarintiki daredi launch, Director trivikram

    Trivikram bares his heart at Attarintiki Daredi launch 20 July 2013

    Director Trivikram has spoken his heart out at the audio launch of Attarintiki Daredi. He was very emotional at the function while talking about his bonding with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Even with the huge fan following and love Pawan receives,...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi Trailer, Attarintiki Daredi Movie Stills, Attarintiki Daredi Trailer, Attarintiki Daredi Samantha Gallery

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    Attarintiki dialogues, Attarintiki Daredi, will attarintiki daredi really have independence on 21st august, Director trivikram

    Will Attarintiki Daredi really have independence on 21st August? 15 August 2013

    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi is awaited eagerly for many reasons. First one is Pawan, Pawan's dialogues, Pawan's action, Pawan's comedy and most importantly Pawan's kiss with Samantha. Next is his song Kaatam Rayuda, which has broken records as the...

    Keywords: director Trivikram, Powerstar, Attarintiki Daredi songs., Pawanism

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    Pawan Kalyan Attharintiki Daaredhi movie, director Trivikram, two big stars locking horns, Director trivikram

    Two Big Stars Locking Horns 19 September 2013

    As the release of big movies are differed due to the political scenario in the State, the rush is to release them as fast as possible leaving aside the prevailing agreement to leave a gap of at least one or...

    Keywords: Shruti Hasan, Praneetha, director Trivikram, director Harish Shankar

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    Mega family, Devi Sri Prasad, power star not in favor of audio function, Director trivikram

    Power Star Not in Favor of Audio Function? 20 July 2013

    Pawan Kalyan's Atharintiki Daredi audio function gave a remarkable hype to the movie no doubt, but the hero is not happy about many things.   Pawan Kalyan’s image in the Telugu film industry is at peaks for a long time...

    Keywords: Director Trivikram, Music Director, Atharintiki Daredi audio function, Pawan Kalyan Atharintiki Daredi

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    Scenes Added in Attarintiki Daredi movie, Pawan Attarintiki Daredi movie, 5 scenes added to attarintiki daredi, Director trivikram

    5 Scenes Added to Attarintiki Daredi 24 October 2013

    Like "10% extra" offered on the products especially cosmetics, 5 scenes are added to Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi movie which will be available from tomorrow in the theaters. Two scenes are added in the first part and three in the...

    Keywords: Actress Samantha, Attarintiki Daredi movie, Attarintiki Daredi telugu movie, 5 Scenes Added to Attarintiki Daredi

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    Film Director Trivikram, Akkineni Nagarjuna, power star gets wow from other stars hurray, Director trivikram

    Power Star Gets wow From Other Stars-Hurray! 27 September 2013

    Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi movie is considered as a real hit as the stalwarts of the profession also enjoyed the success of the movie like any other which certainly is another feather in the cap of Power Star. Akkineini Nagarjuna...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi movie, Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi movie, Film producer BVSN Prasad, Attarintiki Daredi movie

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    AD weekend BO collections, Attarintiki Daredi movie, pawan s attarintiki daredi stamina sets new standards, Director trivikram

    Pawan's Attarintiki Daredi stamina sets new standards 30 September 2013

    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi has won many races so far and is still going strong. AD won the race against time, piracy and records. And yet, there is no sign of cooling down, just like Pawan's anger in the...

    Keywords: Besharam movie, AD weekend BO collections, Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya, Director Trivikram

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    Actor Pawan Kalyan, Actor Pawan Kalyan, pawan s attarintiki daredi 50 days posters, Director trivikram

    Pawan's Attarintiki Daredi 50 Days Posters 13 November 2013

    Pawan Kalyan's movie Attarintiki Daredi has been alluring the audience for 50 days.  The movie broke the Magadheera records and reached number one position in the history of Telugu Cinema.   On the occasion of completion of 50 days of...

    Keywords: Pawan kalyan Attarintiki Daredi, Pawan kalyan Attarintiki Daredi, Actress Pranitha, Pawan kalyan Attarintiki Daredi

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    Attarintiki Daredi movie release date, Attarintiki Daredi movie release date  7th August, powerstar s dari is now clear, Director trivikram

    Powerstar's 'dari' is now clear 22 July 2013

    All is well in Pawan Kalyan's world. More than well, going by the love he is receiving from every corner. Adding to that, this year's Filmare South award function was supportive of his solid position in the Telugu film industry....

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan remuneration, Powerstar's 'dari' is now clear, Attarintiki Daredi movie release date, Director Trivikram

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    movie Attarintiki Daredi, Tamil Actor Vijay, pawan s attarintiki daredi in tamil, Director trivikram

    Pawan's Attarintiki Daredi in Tamil 03 December 2013

    Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi has found a dari (way) to Tamil Nadu. Its remake rights were sold at a high price of 4.5 crores. And the person bagged it is Vijay. Vijay who has already tasted success with the remakes...

    Keywords: Tamil Actor Vijay, Attarintiki Daredi in Tamil, Pawan's Attarintiki Daredi movie remake in Tamil, Attarintiki Daredi in Tamil

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    Director Trivikram Srinivas, Allu Arjun, commitment first trivikram believes, Director trivikram

    Commitment First- Trivikram Believes 18 November 2013

    The Producer of the movie 'Julay' Radhakrishna wants to make another movie with the same hero Allu Arjun and with the same director Trivikram Srinivas.   Trivikram Srinivas who became famous and most sort after director after the thumping success...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi, Julay movie, Julay movie, Director Trivikram Srinivas

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    Pawan Kalyan, Samantha, attarintiki daredi movie release postponed again, Director trivikram

    Attarintiki Daredi Movie Release Postponed Again 06 August 2013

    Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi Movie release is held because of the political situation in the State.  The uncertainty prevailing in the State because of the disturbances going on in the Andhra region protesting the Congress decision to push the Telangana...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan, Attarintiki Daredi release postponed, Pawan Kalyan Attarintiki Daredi, Director Trivikram

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    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Samantha Attarintiki Daredi scenes, samantha s secret recipe for romance with pawan, Director trivikram

    Samantha's secret recipe for romance with Pawan 30 September 2013

    Samantha's acting is a hot and sweet dish and that's something we already know. But, how does she manage to make everyone fall in love with her after the film is over? Those who watched Attarintiki Daredi would agree that...

    Keywords: Samantha Attarintiki Daredi scenes, Pawan Kalyan AD romantic scenes, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Director Trivikram

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    Akkineni Akhil, Akkineni Akhil, akkineni akhil tut tuts rumours, Director trivikram

    Akkineni Akhil Tut Tuts Rumours 05 November 2013

    Akkineni Akhil who has not yet entered the film field excepting his appearance as a crawling child in "Sisindri" made in 1995 has denied the rumors about his upcoming films saying they are all wrong. As Trivikram Srinivas has struck...

    Keywords: Akkineni Akhil debut film, Nagarjuna Son Akkineni Akhil, Trivikram Srinivas, Akhil debut film under Trivikram

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    Attarintiki Daredi audio release function, Attarintiki Daredi audio venue Shilpakala Vedika, it s raining fans at hyderabad, Director trivikram

    It's raining fans at Hyderabad 19 July 2013

    With the release of Attarintiki Daredi audio planned for tonight, it's raining power star fans all over Hyderabad. Pawan Kalyan is careful about his fans, but organizers are making passes precious. After the film's producer told everyone that sufficient passes...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi audio release function, Pawan's new movie, capacity at Shilpakala Vedika, trivikram attarintiki daredi movie

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    NTR, director Ram Gopal Varma, prepare to spend 62 crores to make a movie, Director trivikram

    Prepare To Spend 62 Crores To Make A Movie! 12 November 2013

    If you want to make a good movie with the big stars like Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, NTR and others, you have to spend at least Rs.50 crores to make it up to their image. Film Director Trivikram adds that...

    Keywords: Mahesh Babu, Trivikram Srinivas, Trivikram Srinivas, director Ram Gopal Varma

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    Audio Release Atharintiki Daredi, Producer BVSN Prasad, atharintiki daredi releasing audio tomorrow, Director trivikram

    Atharintiki Daredi Releasing Audio tomorrow 18 July 2013

    Audio function of Pawan Kalyan starrer Atharintiki Daredi is going to be held tomorrow the 19th July at Shilpa Kala Vedika at Hyderabad.   Tight security arrangements are made at the venue for the expected guests are from the Celebrities. ...

    Keywords: Actress Samantha, Audio Release Atharintiki Daredi, Director Trivikram, Producer BVSN Prasad

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    Powerstar, Powerstar, pawan s attarintiki daredi releasing in 2 weeks, Director trivikram

    Pawan's Attarintiki Daredi releasing in 2 weeks 16 September 2013

    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is coming! Yes, this time reports from the industry are highly favoring a confirmed release for Attarintiki Daredi in the first week of October, possibly 2nd or 4th. All distributors are reportedly receiving updates that AD will...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi, Attarintiki Daredi songs, Attarintiki Daredi songs, Aaradugula Bullet

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    attarintiki daredi audio release gallery, Attarintiki Daredi movie release date  7th August, pawan kalyan attarintiki daredi fever begins, Director trivikram

    Pawan Kalyan Attarintiki Daredi - fever begins 20 July 2013

    Everyone went crazy on Friday, when the audio of Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi was launched successfully. It was eerily quite outside the launch venue, Shilpakala Vedika. No one was fooled though, Pawan Kalyan came and went in style. Like the...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan Attarintiki Daredi – fever begins, attarintiki daredi teaser, attarintiki daredi auido launch, music director devisri prasad

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