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  • eucalyptus, lifestyle, aromatherapy for your home, Essential oils

    Aromatherapy for your home 18 January 2014

    A diffuser is great, but there are other ways in which you can use your essential oils at home. For linens Add a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil to your laundry detergent for a fresh fragrance. You can...

    Keywords: aromatherapy, lifestyle news, lavender oil, homekeeping

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    hair, essential oils, winter oil therapies for men and women, Essential oils

    Winter oil therapies for men and women 28 January 2014

    The thickened consistency of coconut oil can discourage anyone to oil their hair in winters. But remember, it's during this dry, arid, cold time of the year when your hair needs more oil indulgence than ever. We bring you two...

    Keywords: Ratu oil, Ratu oil, hair, beauty

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    therapeutic natural oils, Therapeutic oils, five healing essential oils, Essential oils

    Five Healing essential oils 30 March 2015

    Many oils are found in the markets which are natural and chemical free. It is necessary to distinguish between good and bad oils as their use shows impact on your health. Since olden days, many natural oils that are extracted...

    Keywords: beneficial natural oils, healing oils, therapeutic natural oils, therapeutic natural oils

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    feet, feet, aromatherapy pedicure at home, Essential oils

    Aromatherapy pedicure at home 26 July 2012

    What could be better after a tiring day than something like a pedicure for which you have to shell literally nothing and go to no special place but your home? This homemade pedicure with the properties of aromatherapy is sure...

    Keywords: pedicure, nail polish, feet, home

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