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  • FDI in retail, FDI in retail, open doors for foreign investment in telecom, Foreign direct investment

    Open doors for foreign investment in Telecom 17 July 2013

    In a bid to correct a declining economy, the Government of India gave the go ahead for 100% investment in Telecom sector from foreign companies. The government has also set higher limits for the Defence technology investments. Foreign Direct Investment...

    Keywords: Foreign Direct Investment, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), FDI, foreign investment in Telecom

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    Indian government, India News, fdi in indian railways, Foreign direct investment

    FDI in Indian Railways 09 January 2014

    To improve the old-fashioned Indian Railway system, Indian government is likely to introduce Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) into the Indain Railways said sources. With this investors could lay out $10 billion of foreign investment over the next five years. Government...

    Keywords: top stories, public-private partnership, public-private partnership, FDI in Indian Railways

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    harish rao fdi, upa fdi bill, upa fdi bill trs opposed to the bill, Foreign direct investment

    UPA FDI Bill: TRS Opposed to the bill 04 December 2012

    The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) is going to join the league, which would be opposing UPA's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) bill, which will be placed in Parliament tomorrow. TRS chose not to support the bill keeping in view the apparent...

    Keywords: harish rao fdi, fdi voting trs, fdi upa, trs fdi

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    foreign direct investment, Jayalalitha, nancy powell hails jayalalitha s vision, Foreign direct investment

    Nancy Powell hails Jayalalitha's Vision 22 May 2012

    The United States ambassador to India, Nancy Powell had all praises for Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalitha. She hailed the CM for her “Vision 2023.” Powell has said that the United States would support Tamil Nadu in achieving its...

    Keywords: Tamil Nadu, foreign direct investment, foreign direct investment, Tamil Nadu

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    dharna at indira park, foreign direct investment, dharna in support of women s safety bill, Foreign direct investment

    Dharna in support of Women's Safety Bill 24 November 2012

    CPI state secretary Narayana has said that the Centre has no interest in bringing out Women's Security Bill. To make a point he said state government was not having that much concern towards women as it was having on foreign...

    Keywords: fdi, cpi state secreatary, fdi, women's security bill

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    , bilateral relations, pakistan acclaims fdi approval by india, Foreign direct investment

    Pakistan acclaims FDI approval by India 03 August 2012

    On Friday, Pakistan had vociferously approved the decision of India to allow the Foreign Direct Investment from Pakistan claiming that this is a move towards better bilateral relations and that this would create goodwill to both the countries. Spokesman from...

    Keywords: foreign direct investment, Pakistan, FDI, FDI

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    NAPA, NAPA, napa supports upa s move, Foreign direct investment

    NAPA supports UPA's move 26 September 2012

    The Foreign Direct Investment move announced by the UPA government is evoking mixed responses. While some are supporting the decision, some are raising voice against it. Same is the case with Punjab. The government of Punjab expressed its displeasure over...

    Keywords: NAPA, Foreign Direct Investment, UPA, Foreign Direct Investment

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    FDI, report card on UPA’s third anniversary, will upa s report card end opposition s allegations, Foreign direct investment

    Will UPA's report card end opposition's allegations? 19 May 2012

    The UPA government is gearing up to putting an end to the opposition's alleged bad mouth by releasing a report card on UPA’s third anniversary of the second term. The report is going to cover statistics on Foreign Direct Investment...

    Keywords: aam aadmi, aam aadmi, Government, report card on UPA’s third anniversary

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    kavuri fdi bill, kavuri fdi bill, kavuri sambasiva rao to take part in fdi voting, Foreign direct investment

    Kavuri Sambasiva Rao to take part in FDI voting 05 December 2012

    Congress MP Kavuri Sambasiva Rao is going to take part in the FDI election, which will be taking place today in Parliament. It is known that Kavuri was not happy with the Centre since he has not given a ministerial...

    Keywords: foreign direct investment bill, parliament fdi bill, pm fdi kavuri, fdi voting

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    shinde meeting telangana mps, foreign direct investment bill, upa fdi bill shinde kamal nath convenes meet with t mp s, Foreign direct investment

    UPA FDI Bill: Shinde, Kamal Nath convenes meet with T MP s 04 December 2012

    The union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and Kamal Nath are all set to convene a meeting with MP s hailing from Telangana region today. It looks like UPA doesn't want to leave any stone unturned especially in the wake...

    Keywords: upa fdi bill, shinde kamal nath telangana, upa fdi bill, t mps meeting shinde kamal nath

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    Foreign Direct Investment, Manmohan Singh, narendra modi lampoons manmohan singh, Foreign direct investment

    Narendra Modi lampoons Manmohan Singh 21 September 2012

    Siezing his opportunity to lash out at the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat has criticized him for being mum over the Assam violence issue. His primary focus was however on the unexplained allowance of...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi, FDI, Manmohan Singh, FDI

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    NDA, UPA, nda made first draft on fdi chidambaram, Foreign direct investment

    NDA made first draft on FDI: Chidambaram 08 October 2012

    The union finance minister Chidambaram has said that the country's economic development has been limping for the past two years. Mr. Chidambaram, who started Economic Newspaper Editors' Conference in Delhi today, has made these statements. India must not fear flow...

    Keywords: NDA, FDI, FDI, Chidambaram

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    foreign direct investment nris support, fdi bill moved, fdi row nris support fdi in indian retail sector, Foreign direct investment

    FDI row: NRIs support FDI in Indian retail sector 05 December 2012

    As discussion on FDI was going on in the late evening at Parliament, a large number of NRIs reportedly glued to the television sets to know as to what was happening in the country of their origin. Whether NRIs support...

    Keywords: fdi, nris fdi, nris on fdi, foreign direct investment nris support

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    high command, fdi, cm to leave for delhi today, Foreign direct investment

    CM to leave for Delhi today 03 November 2012

    Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy would leave for New Delhi shortly today, Saturday evening after he received a call from the party high command. This has been the reason for several speculations that there could be a leadership change...

    Keywords: fdi, cm, foreign direct investments, cm

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    foreign direct investment, bharat bandh, fdi will fdi in retail split the upa, Foreign direct investment

    FDI: Will FDI in Retail split the UPA!! 21 September 2012

    What innumerable allegations by Comptroller of Auditor General's reports could not do will one reform policy do the necessary damage to the UPA. The proposed 51 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) proposal into the retail segment, FDI in retail is...

    Keywords: foreign direct investment, fdi, full form of fdi, bharat bandh

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    Rajya Sabha, Commerce and Industry, modi s foreign visits brings foreign direct investment, Foreign direct investment

    Modi’s foreign visits brings foreign direct investment 06 August 2015

    India has received more than USD 19.78 billion of foreign direct investment (FDI) from 12 countries which was visited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in financial year 2014-15, Parliament was informed. Indian companies have also invested USD 3.42 billion in...

    Keywords: foreign investment, Modi’s foreign visits, Modi’s foreign visits, Modi’s foreign visits

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    CII, , government should not reel under political pressure from bandh cii, Foreign direct investment

    Government should not reel under political pressure from bandh: CII 20 September 2012

    The government had been criticized greatly after its recent decision of the 51% of FDI in retail going as far as a nationwide bandh on Thursday protesting against the Foreign Direct Investment in multibrand retail and also the fuel hike....

    Keywords: Multi brand retail, FDI in retail, FDI in retail, CII

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    Mamatha Banarjee, Foreign Direct Investment, thackeray ridicules pm on fdi, Foreign direct investment

    Thackeray ridicules PM on FDI 25 September 2012

    Bal Thackeray took a dig at the PM Manmohan Singh on the issue of the Foreign Direct Investment through the editorial column of his party magazine, Saamna. The Shiv Sena leader said that if his decisions could not have convinced...

    Keywords: , Mamatha Banarjee, Foreign Direct Investment,

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    Air Asia, Tony Fernandes, air asia tata sons team up for low cost airline, Foreign direct investment

    Air Asia, Tata Sons team up for low cost airline 21 February 2013

    Get ready to enjoy the best flying rates in the world as Kuala Lumpur's Air Asia will enter India in domestic flight segment to be the first Foreign Direct Investment in the airline sector after the rules were relaxed only...

    Keywords: Air Asia, Amit Bhatia, Telestra Tradeplace, foreign direct investment

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    Aadhar, banks, saral money to save kirana stores from fdi, Foreign direct investment

    Saral Money to save kirana stores from FDI 27 December 2012

    Foreign Direct Investment, is one phrase that could strike the hearts of small stores in your neighborhood who have no idea yet how to rescue themselves from the long hands of the multi-brand giants like Wal-Mart. However, the scenario is...

    Keywords: fdi, saral, fdi, saral

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