Glucose levels

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  • Flash Glucose Monitoring System, diabetic tests, fgms to monitor glucose levels without pricks, Glucose levels

    FGMS to monitor glucose levels without pricks 02 April 2015

    Diabetic patients need to monitor the glucose levels regularly. Usually by pricking the blood, the level of glucose in the body can be determined, but this method will trigger fear and harm some people. To find an alternative to this...

    Keywords: FGMS for diabetic patients, advanced device to monitor glucose levels, advanced device to monitor glucose levels, glucose level monitor

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    burger and fries equal to sports supplements, glycogen levels of fast food, burger and fries as good as sports drinks study revealed, Glucose levels

    ‘Burger and fries’ as good as sports drinks, study revealed 09 April 2015

    A new study had revealed that fast food is as good as sports supplements. The research published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, found there was no significant difference in glycogen recovery when cyclists ate fast...

    Keywords: benefits of fast food, sports supplements glucose levels, benefits of fast food, sports supplements nutritional values

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    health, Contact lense, contact lens can now test your glucose levels, Glucose levels

    Contact Lens Can Now Test Your Glucose Levels 08 October 2016

    Scientists have come up with new technology that allows you test your glucose levels via contact lens that samples tears.  Yes you read it right! Blood testing is the most common and standard way of checking glucose level. "There's no...

    Keywords: eyeball, glucose levels, health, health

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