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    10 tips to stop premature Hair graying 08 May 2012

    Grey hair is sure an embarrassment to the young, courtesy to our polluted environment. However avoiding the aging factor is definitely unavoidable, but the process could be delayed, by adhering to certain easy tips. Grey hair in youth could be...

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    hair turing grey, healthy hair, hair fall grey hair are you trying these, Grey hair

    Hair fall, grey hair? Are you trying these? 13 February 2013

    Hair fall and hair turning grey at a very early age is a common problem in almost all of us. Rather than accepting the failure of not able to take care of your hair properly, you can wake up and...

    Keywords: massage with coconut oil, long hair, hair turing grey, healthy hair

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    cure baldness, Lack-luster hair, tips to cure baldness dandruff, Grey hair

    Tips to cure baldness, dandruff 13 October 2012

    Recently, Lady Gaga joined the list of other celebrities to use anti-baldness cream as she feared she was losing more hair. It's not just who are possessive about their mane beauty. All of us fuss about hairstyle which is what...

    Keywords: Grey hair, Brittle hair, anti-baldness cream, dandruff

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    Grey hair, Changing products, hair care myths and facts, Grey hair

    Hair care... myths and facts... 27 June 2012

    Please find some myths and reality about the regular hari care we posses, that would help us take a better hair care; Problem: fine, dull, flat hair SolutionVolumising products really work, but make sure you go for a quality product.Cheaper...

    Keywords: Myths and Facts, Changing products, Myths and Facts, Hair Carem

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    hair growth, grey hair multiples grey, top 3 hair raising myths, Grey hair

    Top 3 hair-raising myths 24 August 2012

    Here are three myths associated with your hair. Read on... Myth: Plucking a grey hair multiples grey hair growth. Fact: Pure fiction. Thank your stars that this age-old belief is a myth. But still avoid plucking one to prevent damage...

    Keywords: hair growth, grey hair multiples grey, Pure fiction, grey hair multiples grey

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