• Emami Limited Director, Taapsee Pannu, curly beauty to endorse hair care brand, Hair care

    Curly beauty To Endorse Hair Care Brand 09 May 2017

    Despite acting in good number of Telugu films, curly beauty Taapsee Pannu could not make it big here in Tollywood, but she surely has found success in Bollywood. She has won laurels for her performances in Hindi films such as...

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    Neem Leaves updates, Neem Leaves for hair, your hair gets stronger with neem, Hair care

    Your Hair gets Stronger with Neem 25 June 2021

    Your Hair gets Stronger with Neem:- The summer came to an end and the monsoon season is all over in the country for now. It makes you feel fresh and brings enough relief from the heat. But the humidity of...

    Keywords: Neem Leaves advantages, Neem Leaves for dandruff, Neem Leaves help for hair, Neem Leaves news

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    Hair Care Tips, Hair Care Tips latest, tips for hair care during winters, Hair care

    Tips for Hair Care During Winters 28 October 2020

    Tips for Hair Care During Winters:- Winter takes out the moisture from your hair and it increases dandruff and even leads to dryness and split ends. You need to tweak your hair and take enough care to suit the temperatures...

    Keywords: Hair Care Tips news, Winter Hair Care Tips, Hair Care Tips ideas, Hair Care Tips ideas

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    hair care tips news, Haircare, here are some tips for your hair in this monsoon, Hair care

    Here Are Some Tips For Your Hair In This Monsoon 23 July 2020

    Here Are Some Tips For Your Hair In This Monsoon:- The skin and hair tend to react differently during the monsoons because of the changing weather and rising humidity. A special care on hair and skin should be taken during...

    Keywords: hair care tips to follow, hair care tips in monsoon, hair care tips news, hair care tips updates

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    frizz, frizz, winter proof your hair, Hair care

    Winter proof your hair! 19 November 2013

    The winter is here and so are frizz, dry, split mane! Banish your hair blues with our expert tips and flaunt great tresses all along. The first step to great winter here is to cut down on shampooing. Unlike summers,...

    Keywords: hair care for winter, hairfall, Winter proof your hair, hair care for winter

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    hair care tips, How to get back beauty of hair after colouring?, ways to repair damaged hair after colouring, Hair care

    Ways to repair damaged hair after colouring? 30 July 2015

    Most of us like to dye our hair for different occasions. It looks trendy and beautiful but it may eventually take a toll on the quality of hair. Here are some simple tips for damage control. Reduce shampooing: The hair...

    Keywords: hair care tips, How to repair damaged hair after colouring?, Tips to control hair damage after colouring, How to repair damaged hair after colouring?

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    how to iron hair, how to iron hair, 5 simple steps to straighten your hair, Hair care

    5 simple steps to straighten your hair 01 July 2015

    Having straight and stylish hair is every woman’s dream. But prior to hair straightening, it is important to get the right technique and use the products and tools. Here are five simple steps to get silky and straight hair. Step...

    Keywords: hair ironing tips, straightening tips, tips for hair straightening, hair care tips

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    Skincare essentials in monsoon, Skincare essentials updates, skincare essentials to be used during monsoon, Hair care

    Skincare Essentials To Be Used During Monsoon 06 July 2020

    Skincare Essentials To Be Used During Monsoon:- The season of monsoons has an impact on the skin and hair. Lackluster skin, frizzy hair and chapped lips are common during the monsoon and due to humid temperatures. You need to take...

    Keywords: Skincare essentials, Skincare essentials news, hair care, Skincare essentials list

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    how to avoid dandruff, simple home remedies to avoid dandruff, best ways to avoid dandruff in monsoon season, Hair care

    Best ways to avoid dandruff in monsoon season 25 July 2015

    Hair care during monsoon season is a challenging task. Especially dandruff is the most common problem that makes us suffer during this season. Here are some simple hair care tips to get rid of dandruff naturally. Always keep the scalp dry....

    Keywords: tips to get rid of dandruff, home remedies for dandruff removal, tips to get rid of dandruff, how to avoid dandruff

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    hair, monsoon, hair care in the rain, Hair care

    Hair care in the rain 08 August 2013

    With monsoon comes the rain and relief from the sweltering sun. But as they say, 'too much of a good thing ain't always great'. Monsoon is great for the mind, but it can wreck havoc on your mane. Have you...

    Keywords: mane, Hair care in the rain, How to care for your mane in monsoon, oil

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    hair style short-cuts, Beautiful Hair, how to wake up with great looking hair, Hair care

    How to wake up with great looking hair? 25 June 2014

    Unless you are a fairytale character, you possibly have woken up with a terrible mess of mane that warrants major time and effort to be sorted before you spring to work or classes more than you can count.Fortunately, there are...

    Keywords: hair style, Beautiful Hair, How to wake up with great looking hair, Hair Beauty

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    nutrition for hair, nutrition for hair, rapunzel s tresses made easier, Hair care

    Rapunzel's tresses made easier 08 July 2013

    Long luscious locks are a luxury many envy. To gain thicker and longer hair, men and women go to many lengths. A lot of hard works is put into oiling hair on a regular basis, but the scalp is still...

    Keywords: hair growth and nutrition, how to grow long hair, hair growth and nutrition, Beauty tips

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    , Beauty Hair, do you need a haircut now, Hair care

    Do you need a haircut now? 16 December 2013

    Whether you have got split ends or shedding hair like a dog or or your hair is just under the weather, a quick, stylish snip could solve all your mane woes in a snap. If you have been putting off...

    Keywords: beauty, beauty, , Beauty Hair

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    shampoo, Hair care, 7 shower tips you need to follow for healthy hair, Hair care

    7 Shower Tips You Need to follow for Healthy Hair 19 September 2016

    Do you always have a bad hair day when you shower? Just can’t get those long tresses to lie flat, can you? Well, here, we will talk about some shower tips on how to keep your hair thick and shiny....

    Keywords: Health, shampoo, shower, Health

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    hair care products, tamara ecclestone video, tamara ecclestone launches hair care products in dubai, Hair care

    Tamara Ecclestone launches hair care products in Dubai! 17 June 2013

    Tamara Ecclestone daughter of F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone gushed into Dubai to launch her latest hair care products. Tamara Ecclestone was born in Milan to Formula 1 "supremo" Bernie Ecclestone, and former Armani model from Croatia, Slavica Ecclestone. Ecclestone has...

    Keywords: milan., tamara ecclestone launches hair care products in dubai, hair care products, hair care products

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    beauty tips, hair care., don t let it split, Hair care

    Don't let it split! 14 November 2013

    Trying to fix your split shafts is very much like trying to affix a split nail: it won't happen! There is absolutely no way you can seal your split once the ends have frayed. So the only option to get...

    Keywords: mackup tips, mackup tips, split-ends, mackup tips

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    beautiful hair, hair wash, healthy hair equals to beautiful hair, Hair care

    Healthy hair equals to beautiful hair 15 May 2013

    Hair is primary beauty weapon of every women. we want silky, shiny, lustrous locks. Consider your busy life and type of work when choosing your hairstyle. Here simple ways for healthy hair. Wash your hair every three days - any...

    Keywords: hair type, beauty tips, hair control, hair wash

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    shampoo the hair, scalp, replace your shampoo with these homemade hair rinses, Hair care

    Replace your shampoo with these homemade hair rinses 10 January 2014

    Like your facial skin, even your scalp needs winter TLC. Slathering conditioner post rinse and loading up on leave-in conditioner and serums aren't just enough. Care has to start from the root and from the very beginning of the process....

    Keywords: dandruff, hair, hair, homemade hair rinses

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    hair care, tonner, 10 best toner shampoos, Hair care

    10 Best Toner Shampoos 30 August 2016

    Do you want to maintain your hair color? Would you like to know how you can safeguard your hair from getting damaged? Then here are some toning shampoos you should be using. 1. Nexxus Aloxxi Platinum Pro – Colour Toning...

    Keywords: tonner, tonner, hair care, hair care

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    healthy tips for hair, healthy tips for hair, food is the best medicine for healthy skin and hair, Hair care

    Food is the best medicine for healthy skin and hair 15 May 2015

    By being beauty conscious we use many cosmetics to take care of our skin. But experts suggest our diet is the best beauty medicine. "Food can be the best medicine for healthy hair and skin. Hair loss might be due...

    Keywords: best cosmetics, food is the best beauty medicine, best cosmetics, good diet is better than cosmetics

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