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    Zamana of long hair 02 May 2012

    In this fast phased era today, we need the result for any attempt made, very fast. We would not at all be interested in a complete process of achieving the result. This is not only boring but lot of time...

    Keywords: healthy hair, Priyanka chopra hair style, Priyanka chopra hair style, Fast Hair growing

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    development on dandruff, fatty acids, let your hair be strong to be long, Hair growing

    Let your hair be strong to be long! 24 May 2012

    This is not just an attractive tag line to promote a hair product, but a fact... for your hair to be long and beautiful, it should be long first... apart from taking all that extra care for your hair, let...

    Keywords: loss of pigment, loss of pigment, loss of pigment, selenium

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    Beauty tips, healthy long hair, how to grow hair faster, Hair growing

    How to Grow Hair Faster 29 December 2011

    Many women wish to have stronger strands either because they love long luscious locks or they want to be able to change a haircut that doesn't suit them. Either way, waiting to have long fabulous locks is often frustrating especially...

    Keywords: care habits, Beauty tips, Beauty tips, care habits

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