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    'Poppy' family plant may relieve arthritis pain 04 January 2014

    Arthritic patients may soon smile due to pain-relief that may be possibe in future. Researchers from the University have identified a plant, belonging to the poppy family, that has powerful compounds which can be used for relieving pain. The crucial...

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    Joint pains??? Prevent them... 18 December 2012

    Thanks to our daily routine and life style... irrespective of our age, we are welcoming all those joint pains... these appear to be simple, but really cause a mess in our body and mind as well... let's see if we...

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    dengue symptoms, Minister Kondru Murali, measures taken to eradicate dengue, Joint pain

    Measures taken to eradicate dengue 08 October 2012

    Minister Kondru Murali has said that steps were being taken for eradicating dengue from the state. He has also said that all doctors were kept on high alert followed by the outbreak of dengue. Preventive measures were taken to put...

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    Supplements for Healthy Bones and Joints 01 September 2021

    Supplements for Healthy Bones and Joints:- People are more likely to suffer with joint and bone disorders as they get old. It is always important to keep a special focus on the bone health. All those who are deficient with...

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