• employees, McDonalds India, good to sell but bad to consume, Junk food

    Good To Sell But Bad To Consume? 25 December 2013

    The fast food chain of restaurants McDonalds asks its staff to keep away from consuming fast food as it contains more calories than required to a physical body along with fats, sugar and sodium to give obesity to the people...

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    High Fat Food Consumption and Diabetes, Heart Diseases, high fat dairy products may control the type 2 diabetes, Junk food

    High Fat Dairy Products may control the Type 2 Diabetes! 03 April 2015

    It is often believed that the fat contents in food trigger the risks of cardio vascular related health problems and diabetes, but a study conducted in Sweden said that the high-fat dairy products can lower the risk of type 2...

    Keywords: Type 2 Diabetes meaning, Junk Food and Diabetes, High Fat Food Consumption and Diabetes, Fast Food and Diabetes

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    top political news, telugu movies, ayurveda tips for a healthy digestion, Junk food

    Ayurveda Tips for a Healthy Digestion 30 August 2011

    Most of us have digestive problems at some time or the other in our lives. These days, hectic work schedules, incorrect eating habits and junk food have made the problem worse. At times when most of us are running around...

    Keywords: Ayurvedic Preparation, andhra news, movie reviews, indian recipes

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    Junk Food tips, Junk Food substitutes, tips to stay away from eating junk food, Junk food

    Tips to stay away from Eating Junk Food 19 January 2022

    Tips to stay away from Eating Junk Food:- There are a lot of people among us who struggle to give up their habits that damage their health. Eating junk food is one bad habit that will have an impact on...

    Keywords: Junk Food disadvantages, Junk Food articles, Junk Food tips, Junk Food

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    Eat healthy food, long life free from diseases, eat healthy food in the morning, Junk food

    Eat healthy food in the morning 17 January 2014

    Healthy diet is key to a long life free from diseases. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped. The fast pace of life today has compelled some people to either skip breakfast or...

    Keywords: oily food, health, Healthy diet, Eat healthy food

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    immune system cells, inflammation, eat away your inflammation, Junk food

    Eat away your inflammation 16 February 2012

    How often do you suffer from pain? If the sales of pain medication in this country are anything to go by, it’s quite often. As much as those little white (or blue) pills help you get through that hockey game,...

    Keywords: under-lying problem, immune system cells, under-lying problem, Daniluk

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    university of north carolina, sex hormones, junk food can hasten puberty studies, Junk food

    Junk Food can hasten puberty: Studies 02 November 2012

    Puberty is a hard time for girls with several hormonal changes, emotional imbalances. The phenomenon which earlier used to happen generally at 12- 13 years earlier has now dropped to as low as 6 or 7 years in many cases....

    Keywords: adolescence, sex glands, sex glands, obesity

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    good diet plan, sandwich, healthy life style happy you, Junk food

    Healthy life style... happy you 07 January 2013

    You must have known what to eat to be healthy... now, have a look at how you can eat healthy; Keep a check on what are you eating... eat on right time and in right quantity... by this time, you...

    Keywords: junk food, health tips, health tips, health tips

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    exercise, upper body shape, for a right upper body shape, Junk food

    For a right upper body shape! 20 April 2012

    It’s not just being fat or thin, even the irregular body shape of ours might be a constraint for our worry. This will further put us in a fix as to what to wear, how to look and how to...

    Keywords: overall personality, exercise, tips to reduce upper arms, walking

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    research on junk food, why women consume more junk food, reason why some women can t stop eating junk food, Junk food

    Reason why some women can’t stop eating junk food 06 April 2015

    Junk food consumption is increasing day by day. Not only youngsters and teenagers, every age group is getting addicted to junk food. The new study stated that women are more attracted to junk food and it finds difficult to say...

    Keywords: how to cut junk food, why women can’t cut junk food, why women consume more junk food, why women can’t cut junk food

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    Metro wishesh, Real funny jokes, junk food can turn youth infertile, Junk food

    Junk food can turn youth infertile 19 October 2011

    It is an established fact that eating disorders have a greater risk of infertility. But a new study by the doctors at the America`s Harvard University and the University of Murcia, Spain have revealed through a study that junk food...

    Keywords: Real funny jokes, Tip of the day, Eating disorders, Real funny jokes

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    significance of calories, healthy foods, significance of calories, Junk food

    Significance of calories! 17 June 2013

    Experts explained while they emphasized on the fact that hot and crispy fried snacks, sweets, carbohydrates-rich food as well as others similar should be avoided if we want to keep a check on our weight, yet do provide calories to...

    Keywords: calories in body., importance of calories, nutritionists, hot summer season

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    health-conscious, Health news, 2014 will see rise in gluten free diet, Junk food

    2014 will see rise in gluten-free diet 02 January 2014

    Gluten-free diet will be the biggest trend among the health-conscious people worldwide. According to Google, the most-searched diets in 2013 were Juice Cleanse Diet and Paleo Diet or the Caveman Diet. A new survey released by Today’s Dietitian, a US...

    Keywords: Health, nutrition trend, Survey on gluten-free diet, Healthy Food

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    intelligence quotient, cola. chips, study reveals junk food lowers iq in kids, Junk food

    Study reveals junk food lowers IQ in kids 09 August 2012

    We all have shunned (of have been trying in vain to shun) junk food from our regular diet but only for reasons of health and preventing obesity. But with the latest studies you only have more reasons to do so....

    Keywords: intelligence quotient, IQ, intelligence quotient, children

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    avoid junk food, avoid junk food, yummy zero oil snacks, Junk food

    Yummy Zero oil snacks 30 March 2015

    With the negative impact of oil on health, everyone is trying to consume less oil in food. Even experts suggest that to avoid risks associated with high fat content in oils. Usually Indian food recipes contain high oil content but...

    Keywords: avoid junk food, avoid junk food, avoid junk food, healthy snacks

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    munching on fries and chips, vegetables, junk free snacking, Junk food

    Junk free snacking! 09 May 2013

    Imagine a Saturday night TV programme or a movie marathon at home. Instead of munching on fries and chips all through the movie which will significantly bulk you up bad with lots of fat and unhealthiness there are greener and...

    Keywords: lots of fat, lots of fat, vegetables, Junk free snacking

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    relationship, relationship, how to win a man s heart, Junk food

    How to win a man's heart? 16 June 2012

    Impressing a person and winning a heart are two sides of a coin. While you can impress a person by adhering to some points, winning the heart is no cakewalk and if you have set the latter part as your...

    Keywords: impressing a person, impressing a person, relationship, love

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