• Happiness, tips for hapiness, why you should be happy, Mindset

    Why You Should Be Happy! 14 January 2012

    People who succeed are those people who are happy with what they do. They are not ashamed to toil their hands and work hard. They are not selfish to share talents, but generous to serve. They are those who know...

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    understand, yoga, tips to burst your dullness, Mindset

    Tips to burst your dullness 27 December 2012

    What? Tired with your daily routine? Feeling frustrated after a long day at work? Just burst your tiredness with these tips; Watch at least some clips of best of the comedy movies… you need not opt for watching your favorite...

    Keywords: focus, tips dullness, stress buster, chocolate

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    kind of mindset, love and lifestyle, how to handle jealousy, Mindset

    How to handle Jealousy.. 01 April 2013

    Right from 'puraanaas' to people around us, irrespective of the life style, education and the behavioral traits, may be at the work place or at home amongst our loved ones itself, may be in a reality show or in a...

    Keywords: behavioral traits, jealous, jealousy, jealous

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    Tollywood gossips, Balakrishna new movie, baahubali changed mindset of filmmakers, Mindset

    Baahubali changed mindset of filmmakers! 03 February 2016

    The magnum opus Baahubali had changed the mindset of the filmmakers in the industry. Here is a quick analysis on it. When star heroes like Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu compete with each other, there is nothing new, as the...

    Keywords: Rudramadevi, Rudramadevi, Rudramadevi, Balakrishna new movie

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    relationship, two mindsets, turning 30 and still single, Mindset

    Turning 30 and still single? 10 December 2011

    It is not a sin nor abnormal to be single even at the age of 30. And these days, when career taking a first priority and even family taking a back seat, settling down in a hurry is not even...

    Keywords: Mr. Right your life, two mindsets, Women still single, Ideal partner

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    india- england test series, india-england second test, viru has a distinct mindset says mahi, Mindset

    Viru has a distinct mindset :says Mahi 22 November 2012

    On the eve of completing his 100th appearance in test matches, explosive Indian opener Virender Shehwag was showered with lavish praise by none other than skipper M.S Dhoni. In a press conference Dhoni said that the fiery batsman has a...

    Keywords: india-england second test, sehwag in 100 test club, m s dhoni, virender sehwag

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    survey Indian youth mindset, love and relationship, indian men want women to propose, Mindset

    Indian men want women to propose 05 September 2014

    Men propose to women, this is a orthodox. But Indian men are proving to be different as a recent survey revealed that Indian men want women to propose to first. The survey was conducted on over 6,500 single Indian men...

    Keywords: Indian men, Indian relationships, Shaadi.com, survey Indian youth mindset

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    perspective things on mind, guidelines for implementing positive thinking, the art of implementing positive thinking, Mindset

    The art of implementing Positive Thinking! 24 February 2012

    That’s it… all your so called tensions and issues are solved for 50%. And we all know how can positive thinking change our life and mindset for a better… but, we are so carried away with the situation that we...

    Keywords: motivational personal development, perspective things on mind, change mindset, motivational personal development

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    good mindset, balance of protein, keys to great health, Mindset

    Keys to Great Health.. 01 March 2012

    In this article I will list the 7 keys to great health. I will briefly explain why I consider them to be the foundation blocks for attaining and maintaining fantastic health, vitality and energy. I'm not listing them in any...

    Keywords: good mindset, increase Muscles, Regular exercise, balance of protein

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    different mind sets, tips of the day, which kind of set are you, Mindset

    Which Kind of Set Are You? 14 February 2012

    We hear so much about mind set; about getting it and keeping it. But to avoid the pitfalls, do we know what kind of set we are? The different kinds of set: Which kind of set are you? My mind...

    Keywords: different mind sets, tips for mind sets, tips of the day, different mind sets

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    Laziness, Exercises, feeling lazy try these to overcome your laziness, Mindset

    Feeling lazy?? Try these to overcome your laziness.. 17 May 2012

    Could be because of the climatic conditions, your food and sleep routine, your mindset and the list goes on and on… there are n number of reasons for you to feel lazy… rather than living a lazy life, let us...

    Keywords: Lazy people, Laziness, mindset, Exercises

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