• Narendra Modi latest, Narendra Modi on Kathua, narendra modi finally responds on the rape cases in the country, Rape cases

    Narendra Modi Finally Responds On The Rape Cases In The Country 14 April 2018

    Narendra Modi Finally Responds On The Rape Cases In The Country:- With Unnao and Kathua rape cases sparkling intense protest across the country, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stayed tightlipped without making any comments on the issues. With the opposition...

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    Bombay High Court news, Bombay High Court on rape cases, bombay high court dismisses petitions of three rapists, Rape cases

    Bombay High Court Dismisses Petitions of Three Rapists 03 June 2019

    Bombay High Court Dismisses Petitions of Three Rapists:- The Bombay High Court today upheld the amendment section of the constitutional validity of Indian penal code that deals with repeat offenders in rape cases. Section 376E was introduced in 2013 after...

    Keywords: Bombay High Court latest, rape offenders, Bombay High Court on rapes, Bombay High Court statement

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    Plight of an Anchor, TV anchor molested at marriage function, plight of an anchor, Rape cases

    Plight of an Anchor 21 November 2013

    Why Men Loose Control Over Themselves? Men are often seen getting intoxicated with two things Madhuvu and Maguva (Wine and women). Some of the men after few drinks behave as if a different soul possessed them. The character changes drastically...

    Keywords: molesting, Madhuvu and Maguva, Men Loose Control, molestation

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    rape cases, National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), ap remains unsafe place for women in south, Rape cases

    AP remains unsafe place for women in South 29 March 2012

    AP has gained the notoriety of being the most unsafe place for women among the four southern states of the country, according to the crime data available with the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). The data indicates Karnataka remains the...

    Keywords: Crimes against women, unsafe place for women, National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), rape cases

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    rape cases in india, delhi police, the number rose to 706 in 2012, Rape cases

    The number rose to "706 in 2012" 19 January 2013

    Delhi witnessed a 23.43 per cent increase in rape cases in the last one year, according to figures released by the Delhi Police on Friday. While 572 rapes were reported in the national capital in 2011, the number rose to...

    Keywords: crime in india, delhi rape case 2012, crime in india, delhi police

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    Should Women Evacuate Delhi, Should Women Evacuate Delhi, should women evacuate delhi, Rape cases

    Should Women Evacuate Delhi? 15 November 2013

    Does Delhi Cease to be safe for women? Should they evacuate Delhi? Another case of gang rape at Delhi poses the above questions. Women seem to be unsafe because of the threat from not only unknown but also known people...

    Keywords: Delhi Gang rape cases, 16 year old girl gang raped in Delhi's Shalimarbagh, 27 year old woman was gang raped by two persons, 27 year old woman was gang raped by two persons

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    rape cases, rape cases, tantric baba s child rape, Rape cases

    Tantric baba's child rape 16 May 2013

    A tantric baba residing at Govindpuri in South Delhi was arrested for raping a child of 10 years.  The 71 years baba Kanulal was approached by a woman whose daughter was suffering from acute head ache for some time for...

    Keywords: 71 years baba Kanulal, Tantric baba's child rape, Tantric baba's child rape, child rape

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    Police Nabbed Asaram Bapu's Son Narayan Sai, Narayan Sai nabbed, the absconding guru asaram s son nabbed, Rape cases

    The Absconding Guru Asaram's Son Nabbed 04 December 2013

    Narayan Sai son of Asaram Bapu is wanted in a rape case in Gujarat. He was missing for two months avoiding arrest. After a thorough search by the police in many states, he is at last nabbed at Delhi. Narayan...

    Keywords: Narayan Sai nabbed, Narayan Sai Arrested, Asaram Bapu and Narayan Sai rape cases, Asaram Bapu rape case

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    punish women in rape Abu Azmi, SP leader Abu Azmi, punish women also in rape cases sp leader, Rape cases

    Punish Women also in rape cases: SP leader 11 April 2014

    Samajwadi Party's Maharashtra unit chief Abu Azmi made a bizarre statement saying women should also be punished in the rape cases. Azmi made this statement when a media personnel questioned him about SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav's comments on rape....

    Keywords: SP leader Abu Azmi, Top Stories, punish women in rape Abu Azmi, Punish Women also in rape cases: SP leader

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    women security in delhi, shiela dikshit women safety, delhi not safe for women admits cm, Rape cases

    Delhi not safe for women, admits CM 06 February 2013

      Delhi chief minister yet another time has admitted that women in Delhi don't feel safe. She said that fear rouse and she was shocked when she heard about the attempt to rape incident in Delhi last night. The victim...

    Keywords: delhi not safe for women, delhi not safe for women, delhi chief minister rape cases, shiela dikshit women safety

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    rangareddy bar association, Abhaya case accused nabbed, cannot imagine how many abhaya cases not seen light, Rape cases

    Cannot Imagine How Many Abhaya Cases Not Seen Light 23 October 2013

    Psychiatrists confirm that women usually do not report rape in India.  They are scared about their future and chances of strained relations without their fault.  They cannot face their boyfriends, husband, parents, relatives and neighbors and they are also afraid...

    Keywords: Abhaya case accused nabbed, cyberabad police, Rape Cases, Abhaya accused in remand

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    CBN, CBN, cbn serious on rape cases promises to amend laws, Rape cases

    CBN Serious On Rape Cases: Promises To Amend Laws 05 May 2018

    CBN Serious On Rape Cases: Promises To Amend Laws:- The recent rape of a nine-year-old girl in Dachepally, Guntur created a sensation. AP Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu personally visited the rape victim today who is recovering in Guntur Government...

    Keywords: rape cases, Chandra Babu Naidu on dachepally rape, Chandra Babu Naidu on dachepally rape, Chandra Babu Naidu on rape cases

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    Hyderabad rape cases, Telangana news, police suspect woman in her rape case, Rape cases

    Police suspect woman, in her rape case 12 October 2015

    A woman in Hyderabad files a case, stating that she is kidnapped and raped by a group of unknown men, but the police suspect contradiction in her statement.Kamathipura police came across a complaint given by a 33 year old woman,...

    Keywords: Telangana news, rape case, Hyderabad rape cases, Hyderabad rape cases

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    India news, India news, raped minor girl delivers dead fetus at metro station, Rape cases

    Raped minor girl delivers dead fetus at metro station 15 February 2016

    Delhi woke up to yet another bizarre incident this morning, witnessing a 16-year-old girl delivering a dead fetus at Keshav Puram Metro station. The minor girl was reportedly raped by her friend Gulshan and was on her way to a...

    Keywords: Rape, Rape, Delhi minor girl rape, India news

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    relatives, security of women, your life your safety, Rape cases

    Your life, your safety 07 January 2013

    Woman today being looked upon and at the same time are facing n number of problems and one of them being 'Sexual' harassment are the number of rape cases that we are seeing... even before we come out of the...

    Keywords: security of women, relatives, rape cases india, women harassment

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    sexual crimes, South Delhi, one year to nirbhaya incident, Rape cases

    One Year To Nirbhaya Incident 16 December 2013

    The devilish incident of sexual assault on a medical student in a running bus in South Delhi that shook entire nation happened exactly one year ago.  Everyone was upset by it and wanted so rigorous a punishment to the culprits...

    Keywords: Headlines, South Delhi, Headlines, gang rape on Nirbhaya

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    DGP Dinesh Reddy, reasons for increase in rape cases, provoking dresses instigating rape of women dgp, Rape cases

    Provoking dresses instigating rape of women: DGP 31 December 2011

    In controversial remarks, DGP Dinesh Reddy said on Friday that fashionable and provoking dresses worn by women are responsible for the increase in rape cases. In response to queries from journalists at a press meet in Hyderabad on the reasons...

    Keywords: women and rape, women and rape, Provoking dresses, Provoking dresses

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    Minor girl Rape at Chigurukota village in Gudivada Rural, minor girl raped by auto driver, known villain again in a rape on minor, Rape cases

    Known Villain Again in a Rape on Minor 30 October 2013

    In majority of the case the incidents of rape proved that it is the innocent following of a known person by the girl that made her prey for the assaults against her will. A 14 year old girl from Chigurukota...

    Keywords: auto rickshaw driver raped a minor girl, minor girl raped by auto driver, auto rickshaw driver raped a minor girl, Rape on Minor Girl

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    death penalty in rape, death penalty for rapes, death penalty for rape of girls below 12 years, Rape cases

    Death Penalty For Rape Of Girls Below 12 Years 21 April 2018

    Death Penalty For Rape Of Girls Below 12 Years:- The Centre today approved the ordinance to amend the Protection of girl children from sexual offences (POSC) Act and the update says that the accused will get death penalty for the...

    Keywords: death penalty updates, death penalty latest, death penalty updates, death penalty in rape

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