• Ayr India, Avtar Singh, indian origin man arrested for murder of pakistani during 1993 restaurant war, Restaurant

    Indian-Origin Man Arrested For Murder Of Pakistani During 1993 Restaurant War 10 November 2017

    Indian-Origin Man Arrested For Murder Of Pakistani During 1993 Restaurant War:- In connection with a murder, following a restaurant war between Indian and Pakistani eateries in Scotland over 24 years ago, a 51-year old Indian-origin man identified as Avtar Singh,...

    Keywords: Indian-Origin Man Arrested For Murder Of Pakistani, 1993 Restaurant War, Ayrshire Indian Restaurant, Ansar Shah

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    west Bengal, restaurant in Kolkata, yatra wishesh a journey through nostalgia with indian coffee house kolkata, Restaurant

    Yatra Wishesh: A journey through nostalgia... with Indian Coffee House Kolkata 22 March 2013

    Intellectual debates and more... Indian Coffee House Kolkata otherwise also known to be as College Street Coffee House is a cafe located opposite to the Prestigious Presidency College on College Street, Kolkata. Remaining as a genuine fact that it has...

    Keywords: College Street, history, heritage, editors

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    Stags, Keya, disabled get lost, Restaurant

    Disabled? Get lost 07 March 2015

    A disabled rights activist was denied entry into an upscale bar and restaurant in south Delhi. Nipun Malhotra, who was born with arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder, which leads to lack of muscles in arms and legs, was denied entry...

    Keywords: Stags, Stags, Keya, Mcdonald

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    investigation, youths killed, shooting in atlanta restaurant 3 killed, Restaurant

    Shooting in Atlanta Restaurant, 3 Killed 24 January 2017

    In a tragic incident, three men in their 20s were killed in a shooting outside a drive-thru restaurant in Atlanta. Local news outlets reported that "the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office says 27-year-old Ahmad Johnson of East Point and 28-year-old...

    Keywords: Atlanta, youths killed, youths killed, investigation

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    writers, calcutta, a coffee over adda, Restaurant

    A Coffee over adda! 16 August 2013

    Intellectual debates and more... Indian Coffee House Kolkata otherwise also known to be as College Street Coffee House is a cafe located opposite to the Prestigious Presidency College on College Street, Kolkata. Remaining as a genuine fact that it has...

    Keywords: prestigious presidency college, restaurant in kolkata, presidency college, college street

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    calories in restaurant food, why to avoid more calories, here s the reason to avoid restaurant food, Restaurant

    Here’s the reason to avoid restaurant food! 04 July 2015

    Many like to eat food at restaurants without knowing its disadvantages. Research revealed that people who eat at restaurants or fast food centres end up consuming about 200 additional calories than eaten at home. "People who ate at full-service restaurants...

    Keywords: why to avoid restaurant foods, fast food consumption disadvantages, calories in restaurant food, reason to avoid restaurant food

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    malls 24 hours open, Malls, malls movie theatres to stay open 24 hours, Restaurant

    Malls, movie theatres to stay open, 24 hours! 05 January 2016

    The Centre is considering a proposal of keeping open the restaurants, malls, movie theatres and all such commercial outings, for 24 hours. The country is getting developed in the various fields. The individual development is showing an impact on the...

    Keywords: malls 24 hours open, India news, India news, Malls

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    fast food chain, fast food chain, good to sell but bad to consume, Restaurant

    Good To Sell But Bad To Consume? 25 December 2013

    The fast food chain of restaurants McDonalds asks its staff to keep away from consuming fast food as it contains more calories than required to a physical body along with fats, sugar and sodium to give obesity to the people...

    Keywords: fast food restaurant, fast food restaurant, urban modern persons, McDonalds chain of restaurants

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    terror attack, restaurant, gunmen attack restaurant in dhaka 6 killed, Restaurant

    Gunmen Attack Restaurant in Dhaka, 6 Killed 02 July 2016

    In a massacre incident, heavily armed IS militants attacked Bangladesh's diplomatic zone on Friday night, taking dozens of hostages at a restaurant popular with foreigners. According to police, security forces have freed 18 hostages, out of which 3 injured women...

    Keywords: Bangladesh, IS militant, IS militant, Bangladesh

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    GHMC, plastic ban in hotels, ghmc urges hotel owners to ban plastic bags, Restaurant

    GHMC Urges Hotel Owners To Ban Plastic Bags 04 July 2018

    GHMC Urges Hotel Owners To Ban Plastic Bags:- The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has been working hard to stay away from plastic and it pledged the people to follow the steps. All the Government officials have been asked to...

    Keywords: GHMC updates, plastic ban in hotels, GHMC updates, GHMC

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    Sai Dharam Tej in USA, Sai Dharam Tej in USA, sai dharam tej busy shedding weight, Restaurant

    Sai Dharam Tej Busy Shedding Weight 14 July 2018

    Sai Dharam Tej Busy Shedding Weight:- Supreme Star Sai Dharam Tej proved his mettle and scored a series of hits. However thing altered in the recent times and the actor tasted a series of debacles which left the actor in...

    Keywords: Sai Dharam Tej next film, Sai Dharam Tej, Sai Dharam Tej next film, Sai Dharam Tej news

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    restaurant, Bars, bars to be penalised for serving liquor to minors, Restaurant

    Bars to be Penalised for serving Liquor to Minors 13 July 2016

    Ramya who died after the car in which she was travelling got hit by another car at Panjagutta, Hyderabad. Ramya’s family organised a candlelight march at KBR park demanding justice. They wanted action against all those who drink and drive...

    Keywords: Pubs, serving alcohol to minor, penalized, serving alcohol to minor

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    free food, free food, restaurant offers free food, Restaurant

    Restaurant offers free food 13 April 2015

    Offering food to a person not only satisfies his hunger but also offers us pleasure. May be for this pleasure, a restaurant owner started offering the food for free.    In the US, A restaurant owner observed a few people...

    Keywords: foods, US, US, US

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    Impact of High Taxes, service charge, beware your restaurant is cheating you on service charges, Restaurant

    Beware: Your restaurant is cheating you on service charges 01 February 2014

    Are you being fleeced? How often have you gone to a restaurant and shelled out extra cash on the so-called service tax, service charge and value added tax (VAT) on your original food bill? Restaurant bill in India is highly...

    Keywords: Impact of High Taxes, vat, consumer tax, service tax applied

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    President Barack Obama, Obama and  First Lady on date night at Indian eatery, obama and first lady on date night at indian eatery, Restaurant

    Obama and First Lady on date night at Indian eatery 09 August 2013

    The Obamas are kicking off their vacation a few days early, accompanying date night at a restaurant near the White House. President Barack Obama along with First Lady Michelle Obama arrived on Thursday evening in formal attire at Rasika, an...

    Keywords: The couple on date night at Indian eatery, Obama and First Lady on date night at Indian eatery, Washington's West End neighbourhood, Washington's West End neighbourhood

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    Sanjay Dutt, Sanjay Dutt jail release, sanjay dutt release restaurant offers free chicken, Restaurant

    Sanjay Dutt release: Restaurant offers free chicken 23 February 2016

    Celebrating Sanjay Dutt’s release, a restaurant in Mumbai has offered a special dish for free, to all the fans of the actor. This Thursday, Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt will walk out of the Yerwada Central Prison, the authorities confirmed.  It...

    Keywords: Sanjay Dutt, Sanjay Dutt jail release, Sanjay Dutt, Sanjay Dutt

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    No Indian casualty, Munich shooting, mea confirms no indian casualty in munich shooting incident, Restaurant

    MEA confirms no Indian casualty in Munich shooting incident 23 July 2016

    An 18-year-old German-Iranian national has opened fire in Munich’s Olympia mall, killing nine and injuring 16 others before shooting himself dead. Armed with a handgun, the attacker had opened fire at a nearby McDonalds restaurant, before carrying out the rampage...

    Keywords: Indian Embassy in Germany, No Indian casualty, No Indian casualty, Indian Embassy in Germany

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    Modi, Food Wastage, food served at restaurants to be fixed says ram vilas paswan, Restaurant

    Food Served At Restaurants To Be Fixed: Says Ram Vilas Paswan 11 April 2017

    The amount of food served at restaurants may be fixed, after the Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Ram Vilas Paswan expressed concern over food wastage. Food wastage is a major concern all over the world, and...

    Keywords: Food Wastage, Limited Food, Food Wastage, Ram Vilas Paswan

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    Hacking, Data, india s largest restaurant guide hacked data of users stolen, Restaurant

    India’s Largest Restaurant Guide Hacked; Data Of Users Stolen 18 May 2017

    India’s largest restaurant guide, Zomato appears to have suffered a major security breach, with over 17 million user records stolen from its database. According to a report in security blog, HackRead, “a vendor going by the online handle of “nclay”...

    Keywords: Hacking, Security Breach, Zomato, Data

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    Underwater restaurant, Ahmedabad underwater restaurant closed, underwater restaurant closed after 2 days of its launch, Restaurant

    Underwater restaurant closed after 2 days of its launch 05 February 2016

    Real Poseidon, Ahmedabad’s first underwater restaurant near Cadila bridge, has been closed down, just after two days of its launch, as the leakage rumors and troubles with permission surrounded.After discovering that certain development permissions had not been approved, reportedly, Ahmedabad Municipal...

    Keywords: Underwater restaurant, Real Poseidon, Ahmedabad underwater restaurant closed, Real Poseidon

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