• Air Asia India, Air Asia India with Tata, tata sons in talks to buy out air asia india s stake, Tata group

    Tata Sons In Talks To Buy Out Air Asia India's Stake 09 July 2020

    Tata Sons In Talks To Buy Out Air Asia India's Stake:- Indian business tycoons Tata Sons are in plans to buy the stake of the Indian share in the Malaysian partner and carrier Air Asia. As per the report from...

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    TATA IPL 2022 new updates, IPL 2022 breaking news, tata group to replace vivo as ipl sponsor, Tata group

    TATA Group to replace Vivo as IPL Sponsor 11 January 2022

    TATA Group to replace Vivo as IPL Sponsor:- Chinese mobile manufacturer Vivo has been named as the Title Sponsor for IPL and TATA Group will now replace Vivo for the next year's Indian Premiere League, told IPL Chairman Brijesh Patel....

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    foreign direct investment, steel tycoon, air asia tata sons team up for low cost airline, Tata group

    Air Asia, Tata Sons team up for low cost airline 21 February 2013

    Get ready to enjoy the best flying rates in the world as Kuala Lumpur's Air Asia will enter India in domestic flight segment to be the first Foreign Direct Investment in the airline sector after the rules were relaxed only...

    Keywords: FDI, FDI, foreign direct investment, Air Asia

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    ratan tata talks on new chairman, today bombay stock exange, tata group scrips lacklustre a day after mistry appointment, Tata group

    Tata Group scrips lacklustre a day after Mistry appointment 24 November 2011

    The group announced late Wednesday evening that the younger son of construction tycoon Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry, whose family holds an 18.5 percent stake in Tata Sons, making him the single largest shareholder would take over as chairman from Ratan in...

    Keywords: sensex today Mumbai, son of construction tycoon pallonji, TATA new chairman, chairman from ratantata

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    Tata Group, Cyrus Pallonji Mistry, prince in waiting never wanted the throne, Tata group

    Prince in waiting never wanted the throne 28 November 2011

    Noel Naval Tata the name as it suggests is direct Tata Descendent who was much expected to take over the reins of the Multi Billion Tata Empire. But was it a bolt in the blue when Cyrus Pallonji Mistry took...

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    cyrus mistry, ratan tata retires, the end of ratan tata, Tata group

    The end of Ratan Tata 28 December 2012

    The 21 year long tenure of Ratan Tata, the strongman behind the Tata Group and its global success finally comes to an end today, December 28 as his successor and apprentice Cyrus Mistry would takeover as the chairman of Tata-Sons,...

    Keywords: cyrus mistry, cyrus mistry, cyrus mistry, ratan tata

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    Kunal Bahl, Snapdeal.com, tata invests in snapdeal, Tata group

    TATA invests in Snapdeal 27 August 2014

    Ratan Tata makes e-commerce foray as Snapdeal.com has claimed that the former TATA Groups chairman has made a personal investment in the company however did not disclose the amount. Snapdeal co-founder and CEO Kunal Bahl also confirmed Ratan Tata's personal...

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    selling cars, selling cars, if china is assisting pak military then it is a second class enemy ratan tata, Tata group

    “If China is assisting Pak Military, then it is a second class enemy” - Ratan Tata 09 July 2012

    “Though in possession of economic strength that is capable of overpowering India, China assisting the pakistan military makes it a second class enemy. The economic strength is anot a concern”, said Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata He said “ I...

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    Tata Group, Ratan Tata, ratan tata gets emotional, Tata group

    Ratan Tata gets emotional 01 September 2012

    A shareholder had come to Ratan Tata while offering a few guests and put a garland around his neck. Few others on the site wanted him to sign the signature on the annual report at Kolkata. He chaired a major...

    Keywords: Tata Group, emotional ratan tata., Bharat Ratna, emotional ratan tata.

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    Tata Motors, TATA Group, tata steel tops india s most admired companies, Tata group

    Tata Steel tops India’s most admired companies 06 March 2012

    Tata Steel has topped a list of India’s 50 most admired companies, while four other companies from the steel-to-software conglomerate Tata group have also made to the first such rankings. However, the first such list for India, compiled by business...

    Keywords: Tata Motors, Tata Motors, TATA Group, TCS

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    Italian court, February 15, italian copter deal exposes corruption levels, Tata group

    Italian copter deal exposes corruption levels 15 February 2013

    The V VIP copter deal by AgustaWestland, once again exposes the corruption levels in the country. According to sources the Italian state controlled company had kept aside Rs 217 crores to bag the Rs 3,600 crores deal from India. Of...

    Keywords: Helecopetres Purchase Scam, VVIP chopper deal, 15 February, scanner

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    Hay Group, Tata Group, tata group amongst 10 best companies in asia, Tata group

    Tata Group amongst 10 best companies in Asia 07 May 2012

    A recent study carried out by the management consultancy major, Hay Group, Indian based Tata Group has become the only entity from the country, which was placed amongst top ten companies for leadership in Asia. The Tata Group, in fact,...

    Keywords: top ten companies, top ten companies, Asia, Nano Project

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    Tata Group, ratan tata, ratan tata predicts economic growth in two years, Tata group

    Ratan Tata predicts economic growth in two years 15 March 2013

    Talking on Friday, Ratan Tata predicted that the Indian economy will re-establish itself within two years to more than 7% growth rate. However, it is not all smiles when he talked about the growth. He assessed that though we hit...

    Keywords: ratan tata, economy, indian economy, Tata Group

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    Alliance Air shares, Air India, alliance air is no longer the subsidiary of air india, Tata group

    Alliance Air is no longer the subsidiary of Air India 15 April 2022

    Alliance Air is no longer the subsidiary of Air India:- Alliance Air is no longer a subsidiary of Air India announced Tata Group that owns Air India. Tata Group said that the bookings and queries related to Alliance Air will...

    Keywords: Alliance Air latest news, Alliance Air, Air India, Air India

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    Tata Group, Tata Group, sudden removal shocks cyrus mistry seeks appointment with pm modi, Tata group

    Sudden Removal Shocks Cyrus Mistry; Seeks Appointment With PM Modi 26 October 2016

    Cyrus Mistry, who was recently ousted as a chairman of the Tata Sons by the Board of Tata Sons is shocked by the decision taken by the Board and said that he was not given a chance to defend himself. Mistry...

    Keywords: Ratan Tata, Ratan Tata, Tata Group, Cyrus Mistry

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    Air India Tata Group deals, Air India deal, tata group takes over air india after 67 years, Tata group

    Tata Group takes over Air India after 67 years 27 January 2022

    Tata Group takes over Air India after 67 years:- Tata Group acquired Air India which landed in the financial crisis. Tata Group took over Air India officially today. Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi before...

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    roofs, 000, tatas to provide houses for rs 32 000, Tata group

    Tatas to provide houses for Rs.32, 000 16 July 2011

    After producing the Rs.1 lakh Nano cars to the Indians, the Tatas now plan to provide houses to the rural population of India at Rs.32, 000 each. Sumitesh Das of the Tata Steel told media persons on the sidelines of...

    Keywords: houses at Rs.32, Jute Board, 000, 000

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