• Narendra Modi, Gujarath Gutka bann, gutka ban in gujarat effective starting today, Tobacco

    Gutka ban in Gujarat effective starting today 11 September 2012

    A complete ban on the production and the sale of gutka would be in effect today as mentioned by the government. The chief minister made the decision of ban in his speech on the I-Day, August 15, when he announced...

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    wellness of  humankind, chewable tobacco, karnataka bans on sale of smokeless tobacco, Tobacco

    Karnataka bans on sale of smokeless tobacco! 31 May 2013

    Earlier we found 25 States along with 5 Union Territories to rise against banning sale of smokeless tobacco. In addition to it presently the Karnataka Health Minister U.T. Khader was known to have announced on Friday  at the World No...

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    tobacco eradication, go goa gone, saif condemns smoking, Tobacco

    Saif condemns smoking.... 01 April 2013

    After appearing smoking a cigar on the posters of his latest 'go goa gone', Saif Ali Khan has recently been served a notice from National Organization for Tobacco Eradication'... the actor is really upset with this incident and decides to...

    Keywords: russian maifan lord, , russian maifan lord, go goa gone

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    Rio+20 United Nations Summit, ITC, world business and development award 2012 conferred on itc, Tobacco

    World Business and Development Award 2012 conferred on ITC 21 June 2012

    The prestegeous World Business and Development Award 2012 was bagged by the multi products conglomerate ITC Limited. The century old company of the nation bagged the coveted award. The award was conferrred on the giant conglomerate at the Rio+20 United...

    Keywords: World Business and Development Award 2012, Rio+20 United Nations Summit, Imperial Tobacco Company, World Business and Development Award 2012

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    tobacco products ban in Delhi, tobacco products ban in Delhi, ban on gutkha for another year, Tobacco

    Ban on gutkha for another year 16 April 2016

    Sale, purchase and storage of all forms of chewable tobacco, including gutkha, pan masala, khaini and zarda, would be continuing the ban, for another one year, the Delhi government says. Announcing the same through a notification, the food safety department...

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    pictorial warning, pictorial warning on cigarettes packs., india tough on cigarette packing, Tobacco

    India tough on cigarette packing 15 October 2014

    Indian government has taken tough call on the tobacco consumption and made it mandatory for tobacco companies to allot 85 per cent space on packets of cigarettes and other tobacco products to warnings. Along with this, the government has issued...

    Keywords: pictorial warning on cigarettes packs., Indian Health Ministry, tobacco consumption, pictorial warning on cigarettes packs.

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    Smoking in India, cigarette smoking, 6 25 lakh children smoking in india daily, Tobacco

    6.25 Lakh Children Smoking In India Daily 17 March 2018

    6.25 Lakh Children Smoking In India Daily:- The usage of tobacco seems not to be coming down in the country. It may be shocking but a study says that 6.25 lakh children have been smoking in India and their age...

    Keywords: tobacco chewing, smokers, tobacco chewing, Smoking

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    cancer, cancer, smoking tied to one type of skin cancer, Tobacco

    Smoking tied to one type of skin cancer 02 July 2012

    Smoking may not only cause wrinkles and sagging skin, it might also increase your risk of one type of skin cancer, researchers suggest in a new report. Studies have linked smoking to a long list of health effects, including heart...

    Keywords: smoking, smoking, tobacco, health tips

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    banning, banning, a city in us plans to ban tobacco for new employees, Tobacco

    A city in US plans to ban tobacco for new employees! 26 April 2012

    Do you often take short breaks to take in smoke and enjoy the fag at your work place? If the answer is yes, then there’s one place in the United States of America where no company will count you in...

    Keywords: hiring of smokers, Smoking, hiring of smokers, banning

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    Tobacco products, Tobacco products hike in price, budget 2013 cigarettes suvs and marbles will be costlier, Tobacco

    Budget 2013: Cigarettes, SUVs and marbles will be costlier! 28 February 2013

    After Finance Minister P Chidambaram proposed to hike the excise duty on cigarettes to 18 per cent as a result Tobacco products will become costlier Moreover, sports utility vehicles will also be costly after Mr Chidambaram announced a hike in...

    Keywords: sports utility vehicles, excise duty, sports utility vehicles, excise duty

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    India news, tobacco warnings SC, bigger warnings on tobacco packs now, Tobacco

    Bigger warnings on tobacco packs now 05 May 2016

    On Wednesday, the Supreme Court told tobacco companies to include bigger warning on the cigarette packs. Earlier, only 20% of the pack used to contain the health warnings, but as per the new rule, now 85% of the pack will...

    Keywords: tobacco warnings SC, India news, India news, SC tobacco case

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    Tobacco purchase age limit to raise, Union Health Ministry, tobacco purchase age limit to be pushed, Tobacco

    Tobacco purchase age limit to be pushed 07 June 2014

    The union government is considering to push the Tobacco purchase age limit from 18 to 25 years and currently the Health ministry has asked for recommendations. Based on the recommendations, the Union Health Ministry is likely to report suggestions to...

    Keywords: age limit for Tobacco purchase, Health News, taxes on Tobacco in India, Health News

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    gutka, World No Tobacco day, apollo bike rally, Tobacco

    Apollo Bike rally 30 May 2013

    Today is World No Tobacco day.  Apollo Hospital made a novel way of bringing awareness among the youth as to the deadly effect of tobacco on the human beings. Apollo hospital in collaboration with the Harley Davidson Motor Bikes organized...

    Keywords: Appolo Hospitals in Banjara Hills, World No Tobacco day, Appolo Hospital, human beings

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    paan masala, cigarettes, gutka ban boon or bane, Tobacco

    Gutka ban: Boon or Bane? 12 September 2012

    Recently many states in the nation have introduced the gutka ban to completely eradicate the use of gutka. It was proved that over 40% of the oral cancer cases are associated with chewing gutka. But is the ban on gutka...

    Keywords: Gutka, AIIMS, tobacco, Gutka

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    NDA government, Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003, rs 20 000 fine for smoking in public, Tobacco

    Rs 20,000 fine for smoking in public? 11 September 2014

    Soon, if you are caught smoking cigarette in public places, then you might end up paying Rs 20,000 as fine. The Union government is considering to increase the amount of fine by 100 times which is currently only Rs 200...

    Keywords: Smoking Cigarette, Union Health Ministry, Union Health Ministry, NDA government

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    Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Army canteens, ban tobacco in army canteens, Tobacco

    Ban Tobacco in Army canteens 09 July 2014

    Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has written to Defence Minister Arun Jaitley to ban tobacco products in Army canteens. In the letter Mr. Vardhan said that the Defence Ministry should revisit its policy of making available cigarettes and other...

    Keywords: ban tobacco in army canteens, tobacco consumption in India, Health News, Army canteens

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    no tobacco day, tv9 news today, no tobacco to day every day, Tobacco

    No tobacco 'to'day, every day 31 May 2012

    The World no tobacco day passes away as any other day for the nation of billions, except that some leaders talking about the ill effects of tobacco. I just remembered an old quote while a statesman said that he saw...

    Keywords: star news, world no tobacco day, online news, star news

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    Jokes, Aging Jokes, will smokers read warnings on tobacco packs, Tobacco

    Will smokers read warnings on tobacco packs? 05 May 2016

    News: Bigger warnings on tobacco packs nowI doubt whether any smoker, has that time to look at the pack and read all the theory on it, before smoking. By Phani Ch

    Keywords: Funny Jokes, Aging Jokes, Aging Jokes, Funny Jokes

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    Smoking Kills of 85 Lakhs by 2015, Bombay High Court, smoking health of 85 lakhs, Tobacco

    Smoking Health of 85 Lakhs 23 July 2013

    As per the observations made by the Maharashtra Government, 85 lakhs of people will die of oral and lung cancer by 2015 at the present rate.  The Government thus put tabs on the advertisement on tobacco products by framing Cigarettes...

    Keywords: Restrictions to Tobacco products ads, Health for millions NGO, Apex Court, Size of tobacco restricted

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    carbon monoxide, arms and legs can cause a host of problem, how smoking affects your heart, Tobacco

    How smoking affects your heart...? 11 August 2012

    Smoking is one of the leading causes of lung and oral cancer. But, do you also know that smoking is also one of the major causes of cardiovascular disease? Coronary heart disease (CHD) essentially occurs when plaque builds up in...

    Keywords: carbon monoxide, oral cancer, oral cancer, Smoking affects your heart

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