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  • Balapur laddu, Balapur laddu coronavirus, no laddu auction in balapur this year, Vinayaka chavithi

    No Laddu Auction In Balapur This Year 23 July 2020

    No Laddu Auction In Balapur This Year:- The coronavirus pandemic shattered everyone's lives and most of them are left jobless. The spread of coronavirus is extremely high and a huge number of cases are registered across the limits of GHMC....

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    Balapur Laddu 15.60 Lakhs, Vinayaka Chavithi, balapur laddu auction 2017, Vinayaka chavithi

    Balapur Laddu Auction 2017 05 September 2017

    Balapur Laddu Auction 2017:- On an occasion of Vinayaka Chavithi which is celebrated on August 25th, lots of Ganesh Idols are placed in Hyderabad. In every street, we can see Ganesh Idol placed and prayers are offered daily. Hyderabad city...

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    Ganapati Bappa Getting Ready, Ganapati Bappa Getting Ready, ganapati bappa getting ready, Vinayaka chavithi

    Ganapati Bappa Getting Ready 18 August 2013

    Ganesh Chaturdhi will be celebrated on September 9th.  Ganesh Chaturdhi also called Vinayaka Chavithi festival is special for Hindus of all walks of life.  Ganesh pooja is the first to be performed in any pooja of any deity.  Thus Ganesha...

    Keywords: Vinayaka Chavithi, Ganapati Bappa Getting Ready, Dasara and Deepavali festivals., Vinayaka Chavithi

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    Ganesh Immersion, Ganesh Immersion, ganesh immersion starts in hyderabad, Vinayaka chavithi

    Ganesh Immersion Starts in Hyderabad 12 September 2019

    Ganesh Immersion Starts in Hyderabad:- Telangana Government made all the necessary plans for a smooth Ganesh idol immersion in Hyderabad along with the neighboring districts of the state. September 12th will have a holiday for schools, colleges and traffic curbs...

    Keywords: Ganesh Immersion holiday, Ganesh Immersion latest, Vinayaka Chavithi, Ganesh Immersion news

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