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  • Real beauty, your look, real beauty, Women wishesh

    Real Beauty 13 March 2011

    If you spend much time watching TV or movies and reading magazines, your perspective starts to suffer when it comes to real life. The way the media influences expectations isn’t just applicable to children and teenagers: we all get a...

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    marriage age, wedding women, marriage is a major part of a women s life, Women wishesh

    Marriage is a major part of a Women’s life 14 May 2011

    Women. Even the commercial channels are making Anthems on Women. Most important, Indian women are looked upto around entire world. Today’s Women is known for her Multi – tasking, understanding her family importance. Prioritising on things, proper planning and what...

    Keywords: women wishesh, marriage age, women wishesh, women marriage age

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    Top political news., Sakshi news paper online, pimple free skin, Women wishesh

    Pimple free skin 23 September 2011

    ‘What to do? How to get rid of this? It is a very common problem, but many times leaves unreasonable results. This is a witch for my life. it has taken away, my boyfriend from me, it does not let...

    Keywords: Telangana News, Telugu News Paper, Telugu News Paper Online, tips for pimples

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    Andhra, Telugu News Paper, for those entire single mothers, Women wishesh

    ‘For those entire Single Mothers’! 23 September 2011

    ‘Each day, we talk about development, growth, individuality and independence. World is changing. In many scenarios for better and in some may be for worst. We are anyways not going to analyze Good or Bad, as it always based on...

    Keywords: mother with children, mother with children, Telugu headlines, Telugu People

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    tips for ladies, tips for ladies, woman live like a prime minister, Women wishesh

    Woman, Live like a Prime Minister 04 July 2011

    In recent news coverage, the entire Media has highlighted the rigorous working schedule of our Prime Minister. The 70+ year’s old Man works for 18 Hours a day. This could be publicity Stunt or just another creation for Hype. But,...

    Keywords: women wishesh, tips for ladies, women wishesh, tips for women

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    loss weight tips, 20289 women wishesh, lose weight queen size, Women wishesh

    Lose weight, Queen Size! 04 October 2011

    I understand and know that losing weight is not as easy as gaining weight. In fact, thanks to all the knowledge sessions and internet updates, by this time, we all know that over weight is not only when we eat...

    Keywords: loss weight tips, loss weight tips, 20289 women wishesh, lose weight

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    yourlife style, Women wishesh, dood aur pani, Women wishesh

    ‘Dood aur Pani?’ 14 September 2011

    ‘Oh! My Mother – in – law. She is a big torture I tell you. She always wants what I am speaking to my husband, with whom I am on phone? Where I am going out, every time I step...

    Keywords: Telangana News, Saksi News Headlines, Saksi News Headlines, tips for good health

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    women wishesh, Bikini, waxing bikini area, Women wishesh

    Waxing Bikini Area 17 March 2011

    Summer is fast approaching and with that comes the need for waxing. The bikini area is one of the most challenging areas of the body to wax, but it is also one of the most important to take care of....

    Keywords: lady in bikini, women in bikini, lady in bikini, yourlook

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    Indian Girls, Tips for Girls, 65 years of indian cinema glory or disaster, Women wishesh

    65 Years of Indian Cinema, ‘Glory or Disaster’? 15 August 2011

    Well, this is a very big statement. But, when I think about the growth of Indian Cinema, all these years, many multiple thoughts come into my mind. Though it has been more than 75 years, of the Origination of Indian...

    Keywords: Indian Girls, Indipendent Girl, Your life style, Yourlook

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    beautiful lady, Actresses photos, office, Women wishesh

    Office....? 29 September 2011

    As soon as you read the title, how many of you have felt, ‘Wow! It is more or less a thought in my mind, about the ‘sadaahua’ place I work”! I have been talking to many Working Woman from past...

    Keywords: Telugu videos, Actors photos, spicy girls, Wallpapers

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    women wishesh, Mary Kom Big B, unbreakable of mary kom unveiled by big b, Women wishesh

    'Unbreakable' of Mary Kom Unveiled By Big B 10 December 2013

    Mary Kom the legendary boxer from North East wrote her autobiography titled "Unbreakable" which was inaugurated by Amitabh Bachchan on Monday. Amitabh Bachchan said "Mary Kom is already a legendary figure in the country, loved and admired by all. She...

    Keywords: Unbreakable Mary Kom, Boxing Mary Kom, Boxing Mary Kom, Unbreakable Mary Kom

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    Andhrajoythi, Hot topics store, how to plan your day, Women wishesh

    How to plan your day 26 September 2011

    When was the last time you have given others a lecture on ‘How to plan your day’? If I am not wrong, this might have been very recent. But, did you question yourself, ‘when I end up making a mess...

    Keywords: Daily news in telugu, Telugu headlines, cooking tips, Telugu headlines

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    Telugu cinema websites, Telugu cinema, healthy hair represents healthy you, Women wishesh

    Healthy hair represents healthy ‘You’ 26 September 2011

    Do you know, more recent the trend of long silky hair is ‘in’ again? It is not that just because considering fashion or trend you need to grow your hair, but it is a proven fact that Healthy hair represents...

    Keywords: Actors photos, Actors photos, healthy hair, Telugu videos

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    Daily news in telugu, women wishesh, child care an art, Women wishesh

    Child care, an art? 03 October 2011

    Not every parent can succeed in taking care of their child and let him/her grow to be a well behaved, matured and responsible citizen. The growing crime rate, deaths and the suicides that are particularly high among the Youngsters are...

    Keywords: Telugu People, Andhrajoythi, Metro wishesh, women wishesh

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    Saksi News Headlines, tips for child care, child care an art, Women wishesh

    Child care, an art? 27 October 2011

    Not every parent can succeed in taking care of their child and let him/her grow to be a well behaved, matured and responsible citizen. The growing crime rate, deaths and the suicides that are particularly high among the Youngsters are...

    Keywords: Child care, Andhrajoythi, Andhra, Telangana News

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    Career, building CV, career wonder or a blunder, Women wishesh

    Career, Wonder or a Blunder? 19 October 2011

    Day in and day out, we talk about our career and competition. But, many times, some quick mistakes made by us can cost our professional life in return. Here are some of those mistakes, that we should be careful before...

    Keywords: intervew tips, your career growth, girls at office work, girls at office work

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    andhrawishesh, your lifestyle, office boring yaar, Women wishesh

    Office? Boring yaar! 27 September 2011

    Home makers, students, all those middle aged and elder Woman, feeling bored? Okay, to certain extent understandable. You, being a working woman, managing your home and kids and family simultaneously, getting bored at work? Well, even this is agreeable! Kyunki,...

    Keywords: tips for women, good looking women, how to manage home and office, women at office

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    pregnant women tops, tips for gain weight, gaining weight during pregnancy, Women wishesh

    Gaining weight during pregnancy? 16 November 2011

    We have bought up and most of us are even living in such a atmosphere where a thought of ‘Eat a lot, eat everything you can during pregnancy, for a healthy baby’, has been inculcated in our minds. And we...

    Keywords: women wishesh, gain weight pregnant women, tips for gain weight, women wishesh

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    lifestyle india, family, single working and married women life style, Women wishesh

    Single, working and married women life style 06 April 2013

    Again a good news for us... another reason to be proud... this is a question mark in return to all those who point out at women going out and working and say, women are born to just take care of...

    Keywords: housewife, lifestyle india, married women, managing office work

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