The Five Things Women Do That Drive Men Away

October 28, 2017 18:40
The Five Things Women Do That Drive Men Away

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The Five Things Women Do That Drive Men Away:- We have earlier discussed about the five things men do that drive women away. Now, we shall discuss about the five things women do that drive men away.

When it comes to men, do you often mess up? Just because every time there is a nice man who is attracted to you, do you feel jinxed and you end up driving him away? Well, you really need to re-assess and look within to understand if it is really your stars or just you being plain stupid, before you start blaming your luck or stars.

Here, we will let you know about the five such annoying traits that women generally do which drive men away. You know whom to blame, if you are guilty of these.

The Five Things Men Do That Drive Women Away

A) Being Needy

Being Needy

Well, you will look needy in front of him, if you constantly text him, call him and are always making plans to meet him up. By being too clingy, why do you want to put your self respect at stake?

Generally, men love women who are independent and are not always talking of meeting up daily. So, make sure that you socialize like you always used to, even if you are with a man. Follow your hobbies, focus on your career and give him all the space he wants. Your man will be yours forever, and this will help you earn respect in his eyes. He will realize that you are a level headed woman and he will also love spending time with you often.

B) Being Super Jealous And Possessive

Being Super Jealous

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Do you often keep track of his activities? You should very well know why the man runs away from you, if you are less of a girlfriend and more of a spy. You need to take a step back and think why you do not trust him, if you cannot help but be insecure

Has he cheated you? Has he lied to you? You need to take a chill pill and just let the boy be, if none of these have happened. It is obvious that man will drive him away, if you become jealous and possessive. And if you stop him from meeting his friends, your man will exit too fast.

C) Asking For Commitment Too Soon

Asking For Commitment

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Ladies, you should be aware of this. Most of the men are usually commitment phobic. No woman should ever ask for commitment within just months of dating, even if you do not know this. Do not rush in. Before you seal the deal, take it slow and give it some time. You should get to know the guy and give him a chance to be sure about you too. He will definitely drive away if the C-word is uttered too soon.

D) Throwing Tantrums

Throwing Tantrums

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Nobody likes drama, especially men. Chances are he will give in to your demands and complains once in a while, if you throw tantrums. However, he will soon stop hanging out with you, once he finds out this has become a daily habit. He will be irritated because he knows he will have to face the whining and cribbing and he would rather avoid it. So, in every situation, control your urge to over react and stop creating a big fuss out of small things.

E) Dominating Him

Dominating Him

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Do you like to play the boss? Well, let us tell you, in a relationship, no man likes to take the back seat. You cannot dominate him, even if you have a feeling that you are much superior to him. He will run for his life, if you do it. Remember, you are his girlfriend not his mother to force him to do something saying that you know what is best for him. He surely does know right from wrong, if he has managed to do well so far without you. Do not dictate his life and do not be the one making decisions all the time.


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