Reasons for downfall of Charmi’s career!

November 19, 2015 14:52
Reasons for downfall of Charmi’s career!

Yesterday, we discussed about how the controversies help the heroines, in boosting up their career, taking Trisha as the example. But it is to be noted that, the controversies I mentioned yesterday, was spicy related.

Only, the actresses involved in the spicy controversies like private footage leak or break up news or any such, can enjoy the rich status in the films.

But what about the actresses, who face non-spicy controversies? Let us take Charmi as the example and make the analysis.

Though Charmi had faced several ups and downs in her career, she got a big bang with the female oriented film called Mantra. It has been since then, she had not looked back and started building her career well.

Youth has gone mad, by her mouth watering chubby thighs and uncontrollable skin show. She was spotted in many female oriented films since then, and surprisingly, irrespective of the movie result, Charmi secured a good name for her performance in all those films.

That name, made her cross the boundaries of the confidence and make few controversial statements. To name a few,

1. Charmi said that, Malaika Arora has spoiled the Kevvu Keka song, in Gabbar Singh, with her dance. She said that, she would have made it better, if given an opportunity. Pawan fans took this comment as an indirect satire on their hero’s choice.

2. In the recent times, Charmi produced Jyothi Lakshmi movie, under the direction of a top director like Puri Jagannath. Unfortunately, the movie could not secure success.

So, when Puri had decided to direct Nithin in his next venture, the hero himself thought of producing his own film. But Charmi, who wished to produce that movie, criticized Nithin, saying that, he is facing financial problems. This was severely taken by Nithin and his family and decided to go to the court. However, Charmi apologized Nithin later.

Along with these, there are several other controversies, which showed a big influence on Charmi’s career.

So currently, Charmi is left with no new movie offers and is just expected to carry on her career with the item songs, and special appearances.

So, the final conclusion is, spicy controversies are a boon and non-spicy are the blasts, to the heroines.
By Phani Ch

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