Attarintiki Daredi Movie Review

  • Film : Attarintiki Daredi
  • Producer : BVSN Prasad
  • Director : Trivikram Srinivas
  • Star Cast : Pawan Kalyan, Samantha, Pranitha..
  • Music Director : Devisri Prasad

Here he comes. Powerstar is finally before us with a wonderful family entertainer that you can watch with just about anyone, eyes closed. Do keep your eyes open in the theaters though, as Pawan Kalyan and director Trivikram have given their best in Attarintiki Daredi. With a clean U certificate, Attarintiki Daredi movie has all that you want in a Telugu film and more.

In the wait for the film's release, Devi Sri Prasad's music became one of those tunes you just can't get out of your head. Movie lovers have lapped up every detail released so far and now they can catch Pawan and Samantha for themselves on the big screen. Produced by producer BVSN Prasad on a 50 crore budget, Attarintiki Daredi satisfied the humungous expectations by a wide margin.

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You will love this! The story kicks off with cutie pie Samantha setting the mood with excellent comedy supported by highly entertaining comedians. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's entry is definitely cool. Tathayya, played by Boman Irani, stays in the far away land of Italy. He is Siddharth's most favourite person in the world. You know who Siddu is! Now, granddad wants his manavadu to bring his daughter back from India.

Played by Nadiya, she had eloped some time ago with her husband. With no support from family, she cuts her ties. Enter Pawan, who hatches a plan to get the family back together. He arrives as a car driver, determined to unite them. There he meets his 'maradallu', Pranitha and Samantha. He flirts with both, but the elder one is already betrothed.

In a twist of events, Siddappa, played by the versatile Kota, happens to be Pranitha's lover's father-in-law to be. Brahmi comes to the city to take her to her mamayya's house. Not done, says Siddu. After more twists, our hero ends up with the younger maradal, Samantha. It is at the very end that Sam, along with everyone, realizes who Siddu really is.

Analysis :


The first song, Aaradugula bullet could have been better. The tunes and the visuals did not reach up to the hype. Still, DSP's background score, was a huge plus for the film. Kevvu Keka was the film's highlight, including the mass favorite Kaatam rayuda. Visuals in Ninnuchdagane song were fun.

Moving on from the songs, there are no words to describe the film's comedy tracks. If Ali's performance was right up there with the best with Pawan, Brahmanandam's interaction with Powerstar were simply hilarious. Samantha's scenes with the comedians are sure to make you fall in love with her all over again. All supporting cast, especially Posani, gave vibrant life to Trivikram's dialogues.

Screenplay was another plus point for the film. Pawan's fights were shown with precise direction, at the risk of looking like a trained fighter. Emotions are well played through out the film, never missing the pulsing beat of the flow for even a minute. Dances, comedy, picturization, everything contributed positively to this 'clean' offering by Pawan-Trivikram combination.

Performance :


Pawan Kalyan has rocked it! You will not want to miss this one, as our Powerstar slipped easily into his true blue entertainer role. There is no stopping the praises for giving us this riot of a movie. Attarintiki Daredi works because of many factors, but Pawan is easily the best of them all. He even managed to look more attractive than the heroines.

Boman Irani is the next best thing as the ailing grand father. His emotional portrayal has touched the chords at several places, though his change of heart later in the film is a little disappointing. Nadia has done her part well. Having said that, the film is pure entertainment and that is exclusively because of the excellent comedy and screenplay.

The comedians, including Ali and Brahmanandam, have shined throughout. Preference to either one may not justify their talents. With no comparisons, both have given us a laughter fest that you would want to watch twice and thrice. The item song tracks have also given a lot of whistle worthy moments to the front benchers. Fight scenes are particularly gripping, with Pawan and Samantha's chemistry warm all over. Over all, power packed performances by all.

Final Word: If you liked Gabbar Singh, you will go crazy about this one. Attarintiki Daredi movie is not to be missed. Catch Pawan Kalyan use his best talents, rewarding you with unstoppable laughter.