Kiss Telugu Movie Review

  • Film : Kiss
  • Producer : Saikiran Adivi
  • Director : Adivisesh
  • Star Cast : Adivisesh, Priya Banerjee, Bharat Reddy..
  • Music Director : Pete Wonder, Sricharan Pakala

The title does not mean a lip lock but a philosophy, Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS). Adivi Sesh has played the dual role of director and actor, firmly carrying the film on his shoulders. Priya Banerjee is the love interest for a story that unravels not in the streets of Hyderabad, but in America. KISS is a romantic comedy offered with a dose of action.

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This is a love triangle composed of a boy, girl and fiancee. Priya Banerjee is Priya, who is very unhappy with the alliance her dad fixed for her. She wants love, but her father still goes ahead and gets her engaged to someone who Priya detests. Taking a decision, she decides to escape the situation.

Priya's suicide attempt is foiled by thief Sunny, played by Adivi Sesh. The two spend some fun time together before the boy is faced with a situation where he has to protect his girl. Ravi, the fiancee, jumps into the picture and creates plenty of trouble. After a few fights, Sunny wins back Priya and gets her back to safety.

Analysis :


Adivi Sesh's KISS is a reel depiction of happy-go-lucky youngsters who plan only a few minutes ahead. However, the makers failed to make a good plan for the film. The film has songs popping up too soon and the characters busy with a wild goose chase.

KISS makes use of imitation of popular actors, but does not make a good job of it. Though funny, the scenes where Mahesh Babu is imitated and Khushi nadumu scene is revisited can be better. While the first half has comedy, romance and action, the second half has a lot of philosophy and sad faces. Blackmailing and misunderstandings take the focus. Cinematography is the clear hero of the film.

Performance :


Adivi Sesh is a good actor, but could have made a better product out of KISS. Like his earlier film, KISS has good moments, but the overall offering fails. Priya looks good and does the needful. The other characters have funny one liners that may be the only thing going for the film. Priya looks good and has made quite an impression

Final Word: KISS is very much a situational story that tries to entertain you as it unfolds. Simple spontaneous fun is what is seeks to offer but doesn't.