Krrish 3 Telugu Movie Review

  • Film : Krrish 3
  • Producer : Rakesh Roshan
  • Director : Rakesh Roshan
  • Star Cast : Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangna Ranaut...
  • Music Director : Rajesh Roshan

“Krrish 3 Telugu movie” is sequel to that of Hrithik Roshan starred “Krrish” which was a science fiction with the Krrish with supernatural powers which in turn is sequel to “Koi Milgaya”. The film is produced and directed by Rakesh Roshan.

“Krrish 3 Telugu movie” seems to be keeping on with the story of Rohit Mehra and his superhero son Krrish, subsequent to Koi... Mil Gaya and Krrish having them great hits at the box office. It's known that the film was supposed to release along with its 3D format on Diwali, November 4, 2013. Yet Rakesh Roshan subsequently had to confirm that the film will be released in 2D format during November 1, 2013. The reason being due to not enough time to convert the film to 3D.

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Subsequent to the act of overcoming contest with the villainous Dr. Siddhant Arya, and bringing his father Rohit back from the dead, Krrish continued fighting against evil and saving innocent lives. At the present time Krishna is living a happily married life with Priya. On the other hand Rohit is using his scientific brilliance to benefit society. And Krrish is everyone’s favorite superhero saviour.

Not known to them, a dark force is growing in another part of the world. Kaal, an evil genius, is selfishly using his powers with misappropriation intending to spread fear, death and ruining. And he is being assisted by an army of very dangerous beings, which he has created himself. Not long in succession to Kaal’s plans are put into action, both Rohit and Krrish find themselves faced with a crisis of epic proportions, which only they can resolve, together. On the contrary when they finally cross paths accompanying Kaal and his army, neither of them is prepared for what lies ahead. Kaal not only brings the world to the extreme edge of disaster, but as well puts the strength and love of Krishna and his family to the test. At the same time Krrish has to somehow discovered the power within to face an opponent who is impossible to defeat. The overpowering conflict between good and evil commences

Analysis :


While taking about the script, the makers used a strange blend of every superhero science fiction film Hollywood has ever created. Extending together a series of chapters, the film’s basic script isn’t completely bad. Some instances do show logic and holds strongly the air of intelligence which is praiseworthy. The family drama quotient and the emotional connect remains one of script’s critical importance strongholds yet moves into melodrama subsequent to a point.

Nevertheless, it isn’t hard to declared in advance where the plot is furthering. As the story picks up steam, the climax and the ending easily falls in place without the audiences investing much in wracking their heads. An evil mind Kaal, who is a replicated shadow of X Men’s Magneto is upto destroying mankind with his evil schemes. Nevertheless, obligated to his wheelchair, he functions by creating mutants out of the core powers of animals and humans, calling them Manvars!

We all know the scenario how superhero and evil mind meet, yet in this particular one it is done rather poor quality in the most conventionally cliched way that exists! The climax’s suspense seems to be known in advance and causing surprise. Made only to excite kids and those oblivious of Hollywood superhero films, Krrish 3′s story has no truly phenomenal strength to keep the audiences glued to the screens. The originality of the script gives unpleasant smell of every possible plagiarism stunt ever pulled off and that is reason enough to evade the script completely.

Performance :


Hrithik Roshan as Krrish is certainly one of Bollywood’s most appropriately sketched characters. He is mysterious, charismatic and puts up the film’s singular superlative show.

Priyanka Chopra is still high on the sugar rush from Zanjeer and has very little to do in this film as well.

Kangana easily topples as the film’s most striking female character. As the wicked slimy chameleon Kaya, she puts up a devilish show indeed! Making her character look extremely sexy, in her bits she owns the film!

Vivek Oberoi plays the evil antagonist considerably well but isn’t fabulous. He spends a good lot of time strapped to the wheel chair. Using very little of his expressions to convey the develish intent, he is strictly average as Kaal.

Final Word: Krrish 3 isn’t a terrible film but it is massively depressing and mood ruining due to it's of its imitative premise. Hrithik reprises his role of Krrish with an enigmatic energy and absolutely trustworthy spirit which is the film’s sole sparkling point. The ridiculous storyline is ill humor yet the clearly bodied superhero satisfy us enough to make this film a decent one time watch this festive season. Don’t expect too much otherwise intense degree of expectations on this one. Undoubtedly, a well intentioned, courageous attempt yet falls notches beneath an exhilarating cinematic experience. Rating from my side would be 3 star.