Bangaru Kodipetta Movie Review

  • Film : Bangaru Kodipetta
  • Producer : Sunitha Tati
  • Director : Raj Pippalla
  • Star Cast : Navdeep, Swati Reddy...
  • Music Director : Mahesh Shankar

Bangaru Kodipetta is a comedy thriller in which hero Navdeep and color Swati are the leads. Raj Pippala directed the movie and Sunitha Tati produced it.

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Bhanu (Swati) is an independent woman who works as a sale executive in an Energy Drink firm and Vamsi (Navdeep) is her colleague. Her manager (Harshavardhan) lusts for her but Bhanu keeps avoiding somehow. Unexpectedly Bhanu is in need of money and so after trying all the possibilities she hatches a plan to rob gold biscuits from a truck of her company. Bhanu involves Vamsi to execute this plan but they accidentally get involve in pizza delivery boy and a rich landlord murder.

The rest of the story is how Bhanu and Vamsi get rid off the crime and will their plan of robbery work out.

Analysis :


This is a simple story and has some stuff. The screenplay of the film is big asset. The interval bang is superb and nobody can predict it. The second half is better than first half. However, the intensity in the film drops which makes the audience yawn at times. Also to audience, don’t expect any conventional commercial formula elements like songs, fights and comedy tracks etc in this film. They are completely ignored.

Performance :


Swati is perfect choice for the script. After Swamy Ra Ra, yet again she impressed with her performance and her bubbliness brings glamor to the screen. She was spontaneous and hyper active. Coming to the male lead Navdeep, probably for the first time he did such a role. He was cool and composed.

Ram Laxman were the show stoppers. Yes the Action choreographer brothers did a very good job and it can be called as their comeback movie. Their acting skills won't disappoint and in fact they have matured as actors.

Final Word: This hen fails to give golden eggs but absolutely a one time watcher for fresh subject.