Rowdy Fellow Movie Review

  • Film : Rowdy Fellow
  • Producer : Prakash Reddy
  • Director : Krishna Chaitanya
  • Star Cast : Nara Rohit, Vishaka Singh..
  • Music Director : Sunny

Hero Nara Rohit has donned the role of cop for the second time. After much delay, Rowdy Fellow finally arrived, directed by Krishna Chaitanya. The film has Visakha Singh in the female lead role.

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Rana Pratap [Nara Rohit] is a spoil brat, born in a filthy wealthy family. Rana is egoistic in nature and goes to any extent to satisfy it. One day he fights with a police officer [Ahuti Prasad] and to teach him a lesson, he joins the department. Rana will be transferred to Kolleru village which is ruled by dread politician Durga Prasad [Rao Ramesh]. Rana gets to know that the village has many problems to get solved but to do that he should cross Durga Prasad.

How Rana gets over Durga Prasad and brings peace, development to the village forms the plot.

Analysis :


Our directors are making the same routine films but it is with the screenplay they are attracting the crowd. Rowdy Fellow is also regular film but was shown marginally different with screenplay. However, the director stuck only to the plot and did not experiment much and so we can notice lack of entertaining elements in the film. The half of the film is good while the second half is dragging. However, the climax episodes are good with blend of outstanding performances.

Performance :


Nara Rohit is just apt to the role. His mannerism, body language as arrogant cop are too good and he elevates himself with role. His dialog delivery improved and his screen presence is quite appealing. Rohith's performance in the climax episodes needs special mention. Overall, it is Rohith's show all the way.

Heroine Visakha Singh has no scope in the film and confined to just songs. But Rao Ramesh has equal importance in the film as of Rohith. We can seen many negative roles of Rao Ramesh but he was extremely brutal in this film.

Final Word: Make way for this arrogant Rowdy Fellow.